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4 May 2010

Vanguard Now Offering Free Trades on In-House ETFs

Not to be outdone by low cost ETF competitors like Charles Schwab, Vanguard customers now have the option to trade Vanguard ETFs commission free, as well as benefit from online discount broker like commissions on individual stock trades. Commission-free ETF transactions. Vanguard brokerage clients may make commission-free transactions in Vanguard’s entire line-up of 46 low-cost […]

6 November 2009

Charles Schwab Might be the Best Choice for Passive Investors

Charles Schwab wants to get into the index fund and ETF business. Badly! In doing so, Schwab has created a series of funds to undercut the industry leader — Vanguard — by offering the lowest expense ratio ETFs and index funds on the market. With an expense ratio as low as 0.08%, these funds even […]

20 October 2009

Why Investing in Emerging Markets Can be Dangerous

Earlier this week, everyone’s favorite emerging market — Brazil — gave a classic example of why it can be dangerous to invest in emerging markets. Out of the blue, the Brazilian government implemented a 2% tax on any incoming foreign investment to reduce the possibility of a speculative stock market bubble from forming in the […]

29 July 2009

How to Get Actively Managed Funds for Free

The debate over choosing actively managed mutual funds versus passively managed funds (via index funds) is nothing new, and in all likelihood, will keep on going for hundreds of years. While some will say it is entirely possible to outperform the market, index fund proponents will argue that it’s impossible to do so over a […]

25 July 2009

Vanguard’s Chief Economist Discusses Recession and Emerging Markets

Some sage words of advice from Vanguard’s chief economist, Joe Davis, and Jonathan Lemco, global markets analyst. Key points: The world economy is still in recession, but the rate of deceleration is starting to slow. (Clever way of saying the worst is over, but we’re still falling). Much of the world has seen the worst […]

27 May 2009

10 Off the Beaten Path ETFs That Everyday Investors (Probably) Haven’t Heard About

Have you noticed that everyone seems more interested in the esoteric, out of the ordinary types of investments these days? I have. Some people might want to buy gold because they’re caught up in the fear trade, or others might want to buy raw commodities like oil or natural gas because they’re a dwindling resource. […]

9 May 2009

Jack Bogle Thinks American Business is On Sale!

Jack Bogle, Vanguard founder and index fund guru, made an interesting statement that caught my attention during a CNBC appearance this week. American business is on sale. When an 80 year old stock market veteran comes out and says the market is a selling at a good price, young investors like me tend to stop […]

21 April 2009

Vanguard Has 20 Actively Managed Mutual Funds that Beat S&P 500 Index Fund

Vanguard, for those who did not know, has a few actively managed mutual funds, tax advantaged funds, and even a few sector specific funds.  All have varying fees/expense ratios, a few of them have very high investment minimums ($250,000 plus), and yes, even a few are closed off to new investors. I realize that speaking […]

17 April 2009

Jim Cramer Disses Index Funds: ‘In Cramer We Trust’ vs. ‘In Bogle We Trust’?

Cramer being Cramer, he might have let his emotions go a little too far this time after the efficacy of his show — Mad Money — was questioned today by a Vanguard index fund proponent. It’s somewhat understandable considering he’s been under attack recently (Jon Stewart, Barron’s, etc), but this might be one of the […]

21 March 2009

Vanguard Starts a New Investing Blog

Vanguard, one of the leading firms in the investment management business, has finally ventured into the blogosphere. Vanguard is very well known for their pioneering work in passive investing among the personal finance and investing community for their low cost index funds.  However, if you mention their name to someone who doesn’t follow the market […]

13 December 2008

Vanguard Offers CDs to Worried Traditional IRA & Roth IRA Investors.

If the thought of buying more low priced index funds or actively managed mutual funds leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after the stock market crash of 2008, did you know that Vanguard allows you to buy Certificates of Deposits (CDs) in your Vanguard IRA? Most people I know are very displeased with their […]

21 October 2008

Vanguard CEO Discusses Poor Performance of Index Funds During Last Decade

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Vanguard’s CEO, Bill McNabb, gave a CNBC interview yesterday discussing the poor performance of his Vanguard index funds during the last decade after the recent stock market crash.

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