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17 May 2010

How I’m Fighting Food Inflation

Six words… growing my own fruits and veggies! [6 Day Old Golden Honeymoon Melon Heirloom Seedlings from Baker Creek Seed Company] I’ve had a small container garden on my back deck for several years now where I’ve grown my own herbs and other high price tag veggies (e.g. tomatoes, salad greens, etc.) to save a […]

17 June 2009

5 Healthy Dishes from the Victory (Suburban) Garden for Under One Dollar

I’ve raised a small container vegetable garden on my deck going on five years now.  Fresh herbs (oregano, cilantro, basil, etc), tomatoes and a few other easily grown veggies have been added to the list over the years. Yesterday, I came upon the realization that nearly every lunch I’ve had for the last two weeks […]

2 April 2009

Raised Garden Beds are an Easy Solution for Recession Gardeners

 Green Living         4 comments

Now that recession gardening has become the newest craze, home improvement stores can barely keep enough seeds on their shelves. Problem is, most people — I would bet — don’t know the first thing about managing a garden.  Much less, how to start one beyond buying the seeds and few bags of potting soil at […]

20 March 2009

Recession Gardens: 10 Easy Herbs & Vegetables You Can Grow at Home to Save Money

So get this, when people lose their jobs or their investment portfolios lose half their value, they actually switch back to quaint little customs — like growing their own personal vegetable garden — to save money. How anti-90s! Yep, garden space is rapidly becoming a hot commodity now that we’re knee deep in a recession […]

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