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9 March 2011

U.S. Leading World in GM Farming, By Far

I’m probably a little biased in this debate having worked as a gene jockey in my undergrad days, but it’s quite disturbing to see the growing number of U.S. farmland being converted to genetically modified food production. For the mathematically lazy, 1 hectare equals 10,000 m². So 66,800,000 hectares of U.S. farmland equates to 6,680,000,000,000 […]

16 February 2011

Historical Graphic of Communications Technology & Household Usage

This is quite possibly my one of my favorite chartporn graphics ever. At first appearance, it’s a graphic on tech gadget purchases (yes, FM radios were once considered high tech), but if you read into it a bit, it’s also a look at the enormous quantity of money that’s been paid by consumers over a […]

9 February 2011

Businesses That Give You a Discount for Paying Cash

When speaking of financial innovation or the future of money, rarely does the downward trend of paying cold hard cash come up. hopes to change that… will be a database of small businesses that rewards its customers for paying cash, and needs your help in finding them. So if you know of a […]

17 January 2011

Financial Reformation: Banks, Brokers & Middlemen No More?

In an older post that made the rounds with the entrepreneurial and innovation crowd, I touched upon the idea that the Internet is making middlemen obsolete. This isn’t a novel concept, but if you’re in a business where you’re acting as an intermediary — a centralized position where you purposely keep your customers away from […]

11 January 2011

The Morality Double Standard: My 2010 Strategic Default Prediction One Year Later

In my 2010 financial market predictions, I predicted that strategic defaults (e.g. a homeowner stops making mortgage payments even though they can afford the payments, but feel they have made a bad investment) would be a small trend that continued to gain momentum. Follow up data from PBS Newshour suggests this prediction has been proven […]

7 January 2011

Middle Class Job Erosion & Mind Blowing Job Loss Statistics

Gee, anyone else see a long developing trend, followed by a step off the precipice here? Image via Chart Of The Day When people begin to wonder why the rest of the world is catching up to the U.S, and why our middle class is shrinking, you must remember that the majority of the companies […]

28 December 2010

10 Favorite Neologisms & Buzzwords of 2010

I’m a self-confessed word play nut. I love the wordsmith process because it’s a constantly evolving process that illustrates new or existing concepts, that describes the etiology of new areas of study, and highlights the evolutionary process of how crowdsourcing and groupthink enriches the English lexicon. Not surprisingly, I bookmark like crazy and, sometimes annoyingly, […]

23 December 2010

Communists Bailing Out Capitalists

This sort of irony is just too good to make up… Fresh humiliation for Eurozone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden nations China has said it is willing to bail out debt-ridden countries in the euro zone using its $2.7 trillion overseas investment fund. In a fresh humiliation for Europe, Foreign Ministry spokesman […]

21 December 2010

The New Normal of Christmas Shopping?

It’s official… 100% of my Christmas gifts were purchased online. First ever for me. Toys and Dr. Seuss books for the new niece and nephew – all from College alumni paraphernalia for the sports fans of the family – Books, housewares and electronics – all from Baby picture prints – Also […]

9 December 2010

Amazon’s Free Shipping Deal Saved Me 38%

Being that I loath shopping, I’m among a growing trend of lazy busy Americans who are buying a majority of their Christmas gifts online. As a personal first for me, nearly all of my gifts will be purchased online from this Christmas, but without free shipping, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Here’s why. While […]

29 November 2010

Begun, the Currency War Has

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While Jim Rickards doesn’t have as much game as Master Yoda (he’s close), his discussion of the current currency war between the economic super powers of the world reminded me of an infamous quote from Stars Wars Episode II: Obi-Wan Kenobi: I must admit that without the clones printing presses, it would not have been […]

23 November 2010

The Elastic Spending of Cable TV Subscriptions

When times are tough, it would appear that cable TV subscribers are cutting the cord/cable. Recent data from 2007 to 2009 suggests that Americans are making due with less, so it’s not surprising that an elastic commodity (e.g. things we don’t absolutely need: chocolate, diamond rings, etc.) like cable TV providers are taking an overall […]

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