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12 July 2012

How to Overcome a Recession

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The current economy has placed unforeseen financial hardships on many people. Whether it is big or small, we will always remember the past 5 years as a time financial difficulty. Unemployment went higher than it had in previous decades. The stock market dropped significantly and everyone has been wondering when it will end. Yet, it is often those who are prepared for downturns in the economy that survive without too much trouble. If you felt stressed or overly-concerned because of financial difficulties, then here are some ways to prepare yourself for a possible future recession.

1 February 2012

Why the Recession was a Good Thing

What comes to mind for most people, when they think of the recession, is not something pleasant. The recession is often associated with loss of a job, separation from family, significant lifestyle changes, foreclosure, etc. None of these are positive images. Yet, there are many reasons why I love the recession. What the Recession Meant […]

20 August 2010

Google Insight Search Trends: U.S. Population’s Confidence & Pessimism

I’m a subscriber to the thesis that one can gauge how a population is thinking, and what they may or may not do, by using Google Trends or Google Insights for Search. The premise being that, if you can peer into what people are searching for, you can get an idea of what’s hot and […]

11 September 2009

Ever Wonder How a Pawn (Pawn Shop) Works?

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I’ve never frequented a pawn shop in my life, but lately, I’ve been rather enthralled with The History Channel’s new show — Pawn Stars. As a student of consumer psychology, I find it somewhat surprising that so many people are willing to part with some of their most treasured possessions (and other stuff that seems […]

25 July 2009

Vanguard’s Chief Economist Discusses Recession and Emerging Markets

Some sage words of advice from Vanguard’s chief economist, Joe Davis, and Jonathan Lemco, global markets analyst. Key points: The world economy is still in recession, but the rate of deceleration is starting to slow. (Clever way of saying the worst is over, but we’re still falling). Much of the world has seen the worst […]

18 May 2009

An Index Fund Investor’s Dream: S&P 500 Earnings are at Record Lows

If you’re an avid index fund investor and still interested in buying stocks, the following chart might be one of the sexiest things you will ever see. Image Credit: Chart of the Day That’s right!  Earnings for the S&P 500 index have fallen off a cliff.  They’ve fallen so low that earnings are lower in […]

16 May 2009

Why You Should Avoid the Overhyped, Breaking News Stocks

Believe it or not, there are a select group of unscrupulous business persons and Wall Street traders that will overhype a news event just to get you to buy their sh*t. If you aren’t aware that such people exist in this world, allow me to tell you a very quick story. When I began trading, […]

13 May 2009

20 Frugal Tips from Someone Who Lived Through the Great Depression

During another weekend road trip to visit the family for Mother’s Day, I always make it a habit to drop in on Grandma and soak in a few hours worth of knowledge she’s accumulated over her near 75 years. Gifts were exchanged, I overindulged in home cookin’, but in the end, I sat with a […]

10 March 2009

20 Ways to Avoid a Scam

When a recession hits, everyone hurts… even the scam artists. Problem is, during times of economic distress (e.g. a recession or depression) the victim is hurting more than usual and any short term financial hit can put them into a cash flow crunch.  Money can become so tight that a scam victim might be forced to claim personal bankruptcy or maybe […]

3 March 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love the Recession

I’m one of those weird people that believe when things go horribly wrong, the opportunity to make your situation better for the long term quietly presents itself. I realize it’s not a popular thesis to propose when we’re losing thousands of jobs everyday and 8% of the American public isn’t paying their mortgage on time, but […]

3 January 2009

Reverse Brain Drain: Foreign Headhunters Taking Full Advantage of U.S. Recession

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The New York Times just released one of the more disturbing videos on global business trends that I’ve seen in some time. With the U.S. recession trickle down effects being fully evident, foreign nationals on a Work Visa or American citizens who speak a country’s national language are being recruited to work abroad… while on American […]

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