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19 June 2011

Delaying Foreclosure: 62 Years to Repossess New York Homes at Current Pace

  More troubling data on real estate and foreclosures as a whole from the NYT: In New York State, it would take lenders 62 years at their current pace, the longest time frame in the nation, to repossess the 213,000 houses now in severe default or foreclosure, according to calculations by LPS Applied Analytics, a […]

31 May 2011

Case Shiller: Confirmation of the Double-Dip in Home Prices

As if we had any real doubt that U.S. real estate was FUBAR, but the March Case Shiller Index numbers did us a favor and confirmed what the smart money already knew. Too bad the Case Shiller model doesn’t take condos, bank owned real estate, short term prices, etc. Wouldn’t want to show chartology for […]

24 May 2011

Chartporn: Number of Days Foreclosed Homeowners Not Paying Their Mortgage

Legendary chartporn of this quality would almost make me ill had I not been so prepared for the smell of Castor Oil. From the article: This chart is really astounding. It shows the average number of days that homeowners with defaulted loans (NOD) have not made a mortgage payment. For New York, one of the […]

20 May 2011

Median Home Prices and The ‘Double Dip’

Image via Chart of the Day A 20 second scan of the headlines for the real estate tab on this blog will show you I’ve been bearish on U.S. real estate since this blog began several years ago, but I’m thinking it might be time to go from ultra bearish to neutral on select markets based […]

11 March 2011

Real Estate vs. Gold Ratio: Getting Closer to 1980s Low

Image Credit: Chart of the Day Being a chartporn aficionado, it’s hard to not to look at such a chart and wonder if precious metals and real estate markets from the late 1970s/early 1980s will do an encore. Real estate still has a long way to fall, in my opinion as well as many others […]

22 February 2011

Overstated Home Sales Data: Housing Crash Worse than Expected?

As if we needed more reason question the National Association of Realtor’s financial advice, who profited greatly from the credit bubble and resulting real estate bubble, now we learn they may have been fudging the numbers using the wrong economic model once the housing crash began in 2007. The housing crash may have been more […]

10 February 2011

30 Year Mortgage Rates Over 5% Got You Down? Try 18%!

So you think 30 year fixed mortgage rates over 5% is a bad thing? You think an interest rate above 4.99% has some sort of mystical, psychological barrier to entry? How does 10% sound? What about 18.5%? So quit your cryin’… we all knew 30 year mortgage rates in the 4% ballpark couldn’t last forever. […]

31 January 2011

Rental Demand Rising: Balance Returning to Real Estate?

One of my most important metrics for jumping back into the real estate investing game is on the rise: apartment demand is finally showing signs of life. With millions of families switching from being homeowners to renters, apartment-building values have soared. That isn’t good for renters, who enjoyed falling rents, landlord concessions and even offers […]

28 January 2011

72% of U.S. Cities Saw Foreclosures Increase in 2010

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In the end, it all comes down to jobs, jobs, jobs. 72% of the nation’s metro markets are saw an increase in foreclosure activity in 2010. Cities like Houston (up 26%), Seattle (up 23%), and Atlanta (up 21%) do to unemployment. Why make a 15 to 30 year commitment, where the bank will insist on […]

26 January 2011

Visualizing the Double Dip in U.S. Real Estate

One of the better interactive infographics I’ve seen visualizing what happens to overpriced assets — U.S. real estate — when the Feds takes away the incentives to buy. click to enlarge chart I would suggest tinkering with the graphic, not only because it’s cool, but if you live in, live around, or plan on making […]

25 January 2011

Best Cities to Rent versus Buy

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Even with the bursting of the credit bubble and real estate bubble, one might rush to judgment that it’s a perfect time to buy everywhere in the USA or renting is a loser’s folly. Wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble. For the datamongers (like me) curious how the numbers were compiled: The price-to-rent ratio is […]

19 January 2011

Bridging the “Trust Deficit” in U.S. Real Estate

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I found the use of the phrase “trust deficit” in U.S. real estate amusing since it’s a euphemistic way of saying “no one wants to buy an asset that may decline in future value“. Hello? Double dip in real estate anyone? You’ve [FHA Commissioner David Stevens] talked a lot at this confidence about the lack […]

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