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16 August 2010

Spooky Similarities Between 1930 & 2010 Stock Market

Spooky similarities between The Great Depression stock market crash and the current path of The Great Recession stock market crash. Will we continue on the path that led the correction of 1937 into a collapse in 1938? This question would be nothing more than a technical curiosity for chartists if it weren’t for alarmingly similar […]

20 November 2009

New Frugality Appears to be More than Just a Fad

When the world’s most bullish, pro-consumerism news channel suggests a new frugality movement is taking root, you know it’s more than just a fad. Perhaps this quote sums it up best… Both [interviewees] say their new frugality may be permanent, even if their finances improve. I don’t see any reason to go back to being […]

23 May 2009

What is a Trader’s Market?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “This is a trader’s market!” so many times that you’re sick of hearing it. If you’re an investor, the concept trader’s market probably doesn’t mean that much to you since you’re buying stocks for the long haul by dollar cost averaging into the market. But, that doesn’t mean you should […]

18 May 2009

An Index Fund Investor’s Dream: S&P 500 Earnings are at Record Lows

If you’re an avid index fund investor and still interested in buying stocks, the following chart might be one of the sexiest things you will ever see. Image Credit: Chart of the Day That’s right!  Earnings for the S&P 500 index have fallen off a cliff.  They’ve fallen so low that earnings are lower in […]

16 May 2009

Why You Should Avoid the Overhyped, Breaking News Stocks

Believe it or not, there are a select group of unscrupulous business persons and Wall Street traders that will overhype a news event just to get you to buy their sh*t. If you aren’t aware that such people exist in this world, allow me to tell you a very quick story. When I began trading, […]

13 May 2009

20 Frugal Tips from Someone Who Lived Through the Great Depression

During another weekend road trip to visit the family for Mother’s Day, I always make it a habit to drop in on Grandma and soak in a few hours worth of knowledge she’s accumulated over her near 75 years. Gifts were exchanged, I overindulged in home cookin’, but in the end, I sat with a […]

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