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15 March 2012

Why Gas Prices Rise

Brace yourselves, because it’s about to happen again. The summer will come and gas is expected to make all kinds of new records. It all means more expenses to travel, to eat and even to work (if you commute). There are many things we like to see grow. There are the tomato plants we plant in the spring, our children, our income and our investments. No one likes to see gas prices growing. So why is it that the cost of gas is always going in the wrong direction?

14 March 2011

Saudi Arabia’s Defense Spending: Reaching Out to Touch Someone

 Energy crisis         4 comments

If a growing defense budget is indicative of “protecting your borders”, it would appear Saudi Arabia has had it’s mind set on defending their black gold for some time. When you consider just how much of the Saudi budget, over 10% of their national GDP at present and up 2-3% from just 5 years earlier, […]

4 March 2011

Saudi Arabia Revolution: Oil Back to 2007 Highs?

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If you think 2007 oil bubble highs of $147 per barrel based on “global demand” was bad, just imagine what’s going to happen to oil prices if the stalwart of Middle Eastern oil production stability — Saudi Arabia — falls into civil unrest (e.g. Egypt), or worse, outright civil war (e.g. Libya). As we speak, […]

5 January 2011

Chartology: Setting Up for Commodities Bubble Part Deux?

Right on cue, I’m starting to field reader questions about commodities. In particular, are companies who sell oil, fertilizer or any other raw commodity might need to fuel their rapidly growing economy. Making money is always the prime objective, just remember that the last time these were in play — the 2008 commodities bubble — […]

24 December 2009

Maybe Asking Santa for a White Christmas was a Bad Idea

What a snow storm! Three days plus 90 minutes without electricity, 3 days without tap water (after power was restored), and 6 days without cable TV & Internet service. Not to mention pulling two people out of a ditch, shoveling 2 rather long driveways by hand, and the personal discomfort of bathing from the heated […]

29 June 2009

Should You Invest like a Shark, or a Goldfish?

When I was an undergrad, I was a paid research assistant for one of the most accomplished professors at my university.  He was at the top of his field, a multimillionaire, and one of the most egotistical a*sholes on Planet Earth. He was the ruler of his small, but strangely powerful, universe.  He knew it, […]

27 May 2009

10 Off the Beaten Path ETFs That Everyday Investors (Probably) Haven’t Heard About

Have you noticed that everyone seems more interested in the esoteric, out of the ordinary types of investments these days? I have. Some people might want to buy gold because they’re caught up in the fear trade, or others might want to buy raw commodities like oil or natural gas because they’re a dwindling resource. […]

3 March 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love the Recession

I’m one of those weird people that believe when things go horribly wrong, the opportunity to make your situation better for the long term quietly presents itself. I realize it’s not a popular thesis to propose when we’re losing thousands of jobs everyday and 8% of the American public isn’t paying their mortgage on time, but […]

21 January 2009

Going Carless Isn’t as Painful as I Suspected

For approximately one year now, my old friend Dave and I have had a running bet. I bet Dave that he would go completely nuts when he gave up his car for public transportation for an entire year. Now that the weather has been below freezing in the DC area for the last few days, […]

24 September 2008

Why High Oil Prices Should Not be a Factor in the Presidential Election.

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Normally I consider American politics about as entertaining and blog worthy as whales humping on The Discovery Channel.  But I recently stumbled across a quick 4 minute video on Presidential speeches (pre and post Presidential election) documenting just how worthless political rhetoric really is when it comes to Presidential candidates making promises to eliminate/reduce our […]

13 September 2008

What Happened to those Evil Oil Speculators?

Three months ago all I heard was speculators this and speculators that.  Every financial news program I watched on a daily basis went out of their way to include the phrase “oil speculators” just to get a rise out of us. And most people lapped it up like crazy!  Especially when it spilled over to […]

10 September 2008

OPEC, You, and $100 Oil: What Does It All Mean?

It would appear the gentlemen running OPEC have decided that $100 oil is a fair price, because as of yesterday, they cut oil production by half a million barrels per day. According to OPEC (our favorite cartel), the world has an ample supply of oil flowing through our always thirsty combustion engines, and we’re just […]

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