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4 March 2011

Saudi Arabia Revolution: Oil Back to 2007 Highs?

 Commodities,Gas Prices         1 comment

If you think 2007 oil bubble highs of $147 per barrel based on “global demand” was bad, just imagine what’s going to happen to oil prices if the stalwart of Middle Eastern oil production stability — Saudi Arabia — falls into civil unrest (e.g. Egypt), or worse, outright civil war (e.g. Libya). As we speak, […]

23 February 2011

Facebook, Organization & Revolution

 Politics         3 comments

One has to wonder if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg thought about the potential to change the world on this magnitude: cause countries to shutdown all Internet access, serve as a organizational medium for national revolution, topple long standing monarchies/dictatorships, etc. First helping protesters in Iran, then helping Egyptian organizers, now setting the stage for a […]

23 February 2011

Consumers Focusing on Research, Not Marketing

This has to be a brand advertiser’s worst nightmare… “Be afraid … be very afraid.” AMP Agency, a Boston-based branding firm, has just completed a study of consumers, “Inside the Buy,” that suggests that actually very few consumers between the ages of 25 and 49 are moved to purchase by habit, or sentimental considerations for […]

22 December 2010

Facebook vs. China: the New Iron Curtain

It’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a reaffirmation of the impact we have in connecting people, even across oceans and borders. – Paul Bulter, Facebook Intern For those of us old enough to remember the days of the Soviet Union, there was not only the physical barriers that prevented easy passage across international borders, […]

3 October 2010

I Got Sucked Into Facebook (and How to Quit)

This has to be one of the best, most creative, and outright hilarious examples of global free market capitalism that I’ve seen in the last decade. Facebook makes the process of deleting your user profile extremely difficult (creating an inefficiency in the market), a group of savvy entrepreneurs steps up and creates an extremely efficient […]

8 April 2010

Cramer Makes an Appearance on South Park (via Cartman)

 Humor         No comments

Being a South Park fan, I’ve been waiting for a Jim Cramer impression for years. While the main plot of the “You Have 0 Friends” episode revolved around the goofy behaviors of Facebook users (begging for friends, getting pissed when someone doesn’t friend you back, 3rd grader based farming games, etc.), I finally got my […]

16 March 2010

What Industry Could You Bankrupt if You had 500 Million Users?

I ran across this clever, or ghastly if you work in the banking industry, idea from Thomas Power from What if Facebook became a bank? If you’re a banker, I’d bet the Bank of Walmart idea is looking pretty good about now since the Internet is steadily putting the middlemen out of business. But […]

9 February 2010

Friends Trust Friends 25% Less after Great Recession?

It’s not exactly mind blowing to find that people are less trusting post Great Recession when you consider that most everyone is poorer, the stench from the political cesspool that is Washington DC grows by the day, and few people (if any) actually know what happened with all the bailout money, but what I really […]

1 February 2010

If You Have a Blog, You’ve Got Leverage!

Obtaining leverage isn’t an easy thing to do. Whether you’re using knowledge that someone may not want to be disclosed, using loaned funds to generate a higher ROI than your scheduled debt payments, or using social pressure to influence someone’s opinion, it can be a tricky, yet highly effective, method of achieving your goals. I […]

6 January 2010

Gen Y Developing a Preference for ‘Used’ Stuff?

There are just some things that Gen Y won’t pay for: news, music, banking fees, etc. Apparently, this social media savvy cohort doesn’t find a tremendous amount of value in these items or they can simply get them for free somewhere else. This trend seems have spilled over — perhaps temporarily — to the auto […]

25 November 2009

What to Do When Stuck with Airline Delays

Being that Americans are fast paced, timeline driven people, there is nothing that pisses us off more than a delayed flight plan. Especially during the holidays! The scenario usually starts off the same way… The airport is packed. It takes 2 hours to get through security. You had to mail your favorite miniature Swiss Army […]

6 October 2009

Monetize Your Photos with a Personal Endorsement from

If you think you deserve an endorsement deal from Nike because half your wardrobe is branded with their distinctive swoosh, or you’ve got the most awesome Facebook profile picture ever of all of your friends chugging Bud Light, you might want to checkout Udorse has devised a quick and easy method for anyone (most […]

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