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15 March 2012

Why Gas Prices Rise

Brace yourselves, because it’s about to happen again. The summer will come and gas is expected to make all kinds of new records. It all means more expenses to travel, to eat and even to work (if you commute). There are many things we like to see grow. There are the tomato plants we plant in the spring, our children, our income and our investments. No one likes to see gas prices growing. So why is it that the cost of gas is always going in the wrong direction?

16 February 2012

Should the Fed be Fighting Deflation or Inflation?

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Welcome to 2012; it’s either time for Ben Bernanke to start QE3 or raise interest rates. Figuring out which one is the best move is not as easy as you’d think.

It was so simple when I was taking classes for my economics degree. When the economy did “X” you, as the Fed, embark on expansionary policy. When the economy did “Y” you retract the money supply. No professor ever made the point that figuring out whether economy is doing “X” or “Y” is not as obvious as you’d think.

21 April 2011

David Stockman: Lobbyists Distorting Democracy & Free Market Capitalism

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David Stockman, former Ronald Reagan budget director and one of the early creators of Reaganomics, might be one of the few Republicans still worth listening to. Unfortunately for the real fiscal conservatives, my formerly beloved GOP has no interest in listening to rational 5th grade mathematics but prefers to play shell games with the budget […]

18 February 2011

Just How Far In Debt is the USA?

Fairly sobering stuff when forced to visualize the amount of money we don’t have to cover the promises we’ve already made. Guess no one told the “fiscal conservatives” in Congress that it would take the entire world’s GDP plus a few trillion more to meet our total debt and unfunded obligations. (Might help to disengage […]

11 February 2011

Post Financial Crisis Retracements: Buy & Hold Investors Making Their Money Back

In 2007, the financial crisis and impending stock market crash was nothing but a bearish prognostication. To the chagrin of many, once the stock market was in total free fall, the Feds stepped in with tons upon tons of money to prop up the market, sell billions of dollars in USTs on a weekly basis, […]

2 February 2011

Long “The Nickel”: Michael Lewis on The Colbert Report

I’ve got just one word for you… just one word… plastics nickels. Nickels are the next bubble: the metal content is now worth $0.07. If you melt it down, it’s worth 7 cents. One of the characters who made a fortune betting on the financial collapse of the system, is buying nickels. So he rings […]

28 January 2011

72% of U.S. Cities Saw Foreclosures Increase in 2010

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In the end, it all comes down to jobs, jobs, jobs. 72% of the nation’s metro markets are saw an increase in foreclosure activity in 2010. Cities like Houston (up 26%), Seattle (up 23%), and Atlanta (up 21%) do to unemployment. Why make a 15 to 30 year commitment, where the bank will insist on […]

7 January 2011

Middle Class Job Erosion & Mind Blowing Job Loss Statistics

Gee, anyone else see a long developing trend, followed by a step off the precipice here? Image via Chart Of The Day When people begin to wonder why the rest of the world is catching up to the U.S, and why our middle class is shrinking, you must remember that the majority of the companies […]

26 December 2010

Things You Can’t Unlearn: Advertising at the Edge of the Apocalypse

I purposely saved this gem by Sut Jhally as a post-Christmas article fearing I might upset the herd during the apex of our consumer culture celebration(s) now that spending money is our patriotic duty. However, being something of an anticonsumer, I find articles such as these highly illuminating in the “big picture” geopolitical sense as […]

16 December 2010

2011 Foreclosure Numbers Will Be Worse than 2010

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I’m all for slowing down the foreclosure mess to make sure that banks are following property rights law to the letter (e.g. foreclosing on homeowners without a mortgage), but as with anything in life, the longer you delay or ignore a problem, the more expensive and more painful it will eventually be. It [foreclosure numbers] […]

29 November 2010

Begun, the Currency War Has

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While Jim Rickards doesn’t have as much game as Master Yoda (he’s close), his discussion of the current currency war between the economic super powers of the world reminded me of an infamous quote from Stars Wars Episode II: Obi-Wan Kenobi: I must admit that without the clones printing presses, it would not have been […]

21 November 2010

Mortgage Backed Securities: If You Erase the Debt Record, We All Go Back to Zero

One of the more clever ideas from the movie Fight Club is the idea that terrorism could originate from nefarious actions involving economic warfare. This means actions that could affect the value of our currency, the value of our future investments, repayment of our debts, etc. Here’s a brief quote: [Narrator turns himself into the […]

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