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25 March 2011

Ex-Tax Collectors Turned Corporate Tax Dodging Heroes

Many years ago, John Madden once gave a memorable quote about the necessity for speed at the skill positions in the NFL: Speed: can’t teach it, can’t coach it, better draft it! It would appear that General Electric, a “too big to fail” corporation, has a similar philosophy in paying their corporate taxes… if you […]

9 March 2011

U.S. Leading World in GM Farming, By Far

I’m probably a little biased in this debate having worked as a gene jockey in my undergrad days, but it’s quite disturbing to see the growing number of U.S. farmland being converted to genetically modified food production. For the mathematically lazy, 1 hectare equals 10,000 m². So 66,800,000 hectares of U.S. farmland equates to 6,680,000,000,000 […]

20 February 2011

Monopoly Without the Paper Money?

Not quite sure how I feel about a Monopoly game where a computer does all of the financial math for you since my grandfather taught me the basics of financial transactions, and in a very elementary respect (for a 5-10 year old mind), the basics of personal finance and money management with a paper money […]

18 January 2011

Correlations Between Gun Deaths vs. Economic, Psychological & Political Variables

I’m a gun owner. I would estimate that every member of my immediate family owns at least one firearm. So to be clear, I want it to know where I stand on gun ownership. However, based on some very eye-opening chartporn from The Atlantic, it would appear many misconceptions about politics and socioeconomic status exist […]

16 January 2011

Let Them Eat Credit: Debt as the ‘Pacifier’ of Income Inequality

Fascinating interview from NPR’s Deep Reads with Raghu Rajan, University of Chicago professor, former chief economist for the IMF, and author of Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy, and the cold shoulders he received after predicting the financial crisis in 2005 at a conference where the main objective was to praise […]

14 January 2011

How the Great Recession Changed Us

Interesting infographic from The Atlantic… Unemployment rate –> DOUBLED Daily consumer spending –> DOWN 47% Taxes collected from firearms & ammo –> UP 57% Savings rate –> UP 171% Personal bankruptcies from 09/06 to 09/07 vs. 09/09 to 09/10 –> DOUBLED Percentage of 18 to 29 year olds that moved back in with parents –> […]

3 January 2011

2010 Remembered as the Year of (Hyper)Inflation?

2010 will likely be remembered as a year of the melt up recovery and as a return to all things financially sanguine, but for commodity traders and chartists who keep watchful eyes on the commodities market, 2010 could arguably be considered a year where inflation (perhaps even hyperinflation) took home the blue ribbon. The only […]

21 December 2010

The New Normal of Christmas Shopping?

It’s official… 100% of my Christmas gifts were purchased online. First ever for me. Toys and Dr. Seuss books for the new niece and nephew – all from College alumni paraphernalia for the sports fans of the family – Books, housewares and electronics – all from Baby picture prints – Also […]

20 December 2010

Video Games Help Develop Vision, Attention & Cognitive Skills

When I was a kid trying to tackle Bo Jackson in Super Techmo Bowl (not an easy thing to do) or fight my way through the Contra waterfall scene (yes, I still remember the cheat code), my parents would always say something like… That stuff will rot your brain. Nintendo and those video games are […]

14 December 2010

Crime Shouldn’t Pay: Tell Attorney Generals to Hold TBTF Banks Accountable

Unless you’re new here, you’ve probably figured out I’m an advocate of the Move Your Money movement. My reasons for are multiple, but here are a few: TBTF banks knowingly and willingly violating the most basic of property rights law and legal documentation practices. [Greenspan admits financial crisis caused rampant fraud and criminal actions.] TBTF […]

9 December 2010

Amazon’s Free Shipping Deal Saved Me 38%

Being that I loath shopping, I’m among a growing trend of lazy busy Americans who are buying a majority of their Christmas gifts online. As a personal first for me, nearly all of my gifts will be purchased online from this Christmas, but without free shipping, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Here’s why. While […]

28 November 2010

Food Culture Wars: Organic & Nutrient Dense vs. Manufactured & Inexpensive

I ran across a great Op-Ed article in the Washington post over the current food culture war: organically raised meats & veggies vs. industrially manufactured foods, the millions of dollars spent on lobbying Congress for continued food subsidies, as well as multimillion dollar marketing campaigns to retain as much of the current market share as […]

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