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7 March 2011

Gen Y, the Farmers?

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When it’s tough to find a job or you’re limited to part time employment, plus up to your eyeballs in student loan debt, it would seem logical that you don”t have much of a choice but to grow your own food and hope you can turn a profit selling to the locovores. Now, Mr. Jones, […]

14 February 2011

U.S. Income Growth: Reversion From the Mean

Over the long haul, the gap between incomes doesn’t seem to be all that terrible. After nearly a century, one would expect income growth to be reasonably balanced after such a large data set. However, things get a little crazy in the early 80s. More friendly tax policies, aggressive lobbying for loopholes, insane levels of […]

7 January 2011

Middle Class Job Erosion & Mind Blowing Job Loss Statistics

Gee, anyone else see a long developing trend, followed by a step off the precipice here? Image via Chart Of The Day When people begin to wonder why the rest of the world is catching up to the U.S, and why our middle class is shrinking, you must remember that the majority of the companies […]

29 December 2010

Unemployment Rates by Education

Hey kids… think education doesn’t matter? The unemployment rate among the different groups has essentially stabilized, but it is interesting to note that a 2 fold difference exists between four year degree graduates and high school grads, and a 3 fold difference between high school dropouts. Bottom line: education matters. Just don’t choose a generic […]

23 December 2010

Experience Doesn’t Mean Much in a Constantly Evolving World

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My daily dose of Dilbert accurately sums up why I was nearly fired from my last job… As it turns out, industry vets (or posers) who have worked their entire lives within an industry and fail to adapt to new technologies/attitudes/cultural memes get awfully pissed off when you question their abilities/analysis. After all… Intelligence is […]

8 September 2010

Academic Inflation: The Mother of All Investment Bubbles

I keep a fairly watchful eye for investment bubbles, but the rise of America declaring war on work and degree factories pumping out diplomas (subsidized by Federal & State governments) not worth the paper their printed on have created an unsustainable academic system if Generation Y, and the generation behind them, can’t get a job […]

18 March 2010

Best Excuses to Skip Work and Watch March Madness Basketball

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This is a devil’s advocate, humor based post. I do not recommend you skip work for any event. However, I will admit to using and/or knowing colleagues that successfully used these excuses, but do not hold me responsible if you were terminated because you can’t properly execute a little white lie. March Madness might be […]

5 March 2010

Education versus Unemployment Rate

Update: Unemployment Rates by Education As if you needed more ammo in the “education matters” debate, take a look at your chances of becoming a disposable worker (a less than flattering way of saying unemployed) if you only have a high school diploma or you’re a high school dropout. Graphic via Chart of the Day. […]

20 January 2010

Should I Ignore My Raise and Save the Difference in Income?

This personal finance question comes from reader Gary, who recently got a surprise promotion and a 20% raise after his boss left the company. He’s married, has a 2 year old daughter that his wife is caring for full time, has a monthly mortgage payment, two monthly car payments and no consumer debt. He’s curious […]

11 January 2010

Knowing When Enough is Enough

Some people can never have enough. Alternatively, some people are satisfied with just eeking out a living doing what they love. It all depends on your goals, your upbringing, and maybe even your sensitivity to the law of diminishing utility. In other words, asking how much of something (money, time away from family, anonymity) is […]

5 October 2009

Why it Pays to Follow Your Boss on Facebook or Twitter

Most people have had that boss who was a complete idiot. That guy or gal who just didn’t quite get it, but made sure you always did more than your fair share so he had enough data to plot on an excel sheet or project management program to make himself look irreplaceable to upper management. […]

7 September 2009

The Faces of Labor Day

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Even though Labor Day is coming to a close, it’s important to remember what the Labor Day national holiday is all about and who it was meant to honor. A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, and when I think of Labor Day, this is what comes to mind. For those buried in paperwork somewhere in cubicle land… For the firefighters […]

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