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20 September 2008

Wall Street Goes Nuts but Index Funds Unchanged.

The S&P 500 is a rock!  After all that transpired on Wall Street this week, the S&P 500 only changed 3 points in 1 weeks time. Just 3 tiny little points on the upside. With all the drama, the bankruptcies, the bailouts, and of course, the realistic possibility the U.S. economy could have fallen even [...]

18 September 2008

What Can You Learn from Warren Buffett’s Frugal Shopping Mentality?

Once again, the old pro is showing us how finance is done! Warren Buffett has made a bid to buy Constellation Energy Group (NYSE: CEG), the largest wholesale power seller in the U.S., after the company’s stock has fallen as much as 80% in value in less than 1 week. Talk about the ultimate bargain [...]

16 September 2008

Vanguard CIO Discusses Index Fund Safety After Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy.

With smoke from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy still lingering, most everyday investors like you and I are in a state of hypersensitivity regarding their investments and retirement accounts. Rightly so, because anyone who held an index fund, or any other investment for that matter, probably took a nasty hit after yesterdays 500 point drop in [...]

15 September 2008

Would You Make a Run on Your Bank?

Human nature is a curious thing to watch when you stand back, remove yourself from the situation, and just observe.  If you have ever practiced the art of “people watching” sitting at a park bench or having lunch in a food court, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This morning, as I watch Lehman [...]

13 September 2008

What Happened to those Evil Oil Speculators?

Three months ago all I heard was speculators this and speculators that.  Every financial news program I watched on a daily basis went out of their way to include the phrase “oil speculators” just to get a rise out of us. And most people lapped it up like crazy!  Especially when it spilled over to [...]

11 September 2008

Disconnecting the Landline or the Cell Phone?

Being somewhat of an anti-gadget type of person, I decided to check out the new Blackberry Bold earlier this morning against my better judgment.  No doubt, it’s an impressive piece of hardware, but I was quickly taken aback at the prices wireless telecom companies are charging these days. The unlimited talk and text plan from [...]

10 September 2008

OPEC, You, and $100 Oil: What Does It All Mean?

It would appear the gentlemen running OPEC have decided that $100 oil is a fair price, because as of yesterday, they cut oil production by half a million barrels per day. According to OPEC (our favorite cartel), the world has an ample supply of oil flowing through our always thirsty combustion engines, and we’re just [...]

8 September 2008

Why I’m Saying Goodbye to CDs for 2008!

That’s right!  No more CDs for me for the rest of 2008, and in all likelihood, for the first half of 2009. I’ve officially stopped contributing to my CD ladder (staggered every 3 months) or searching for those hard to find profits I might get by locking up my cash. It’s a new financial move. [...]

6 September 2008

All Variable Annuities are Not Created Equal

Every now and then, I see an article that slams an entire industry or writes off an entire line of products without examining the potential benefits from every possible angle. Earlier this week, MSN Money’s Personal Finance section published an article basically dismissing variable annuities as a whole. I couldn’t agree more that the variable [...]

4 September 2008

Screw You Economics: My Most Hated Stealth Fees and How to Get Around Them.

It’s a shame that our present economy has developed a deep seeded justification for screwing over consumers. Not only are we going to do it, but we’re going to turn a profit doing it! Today’s culture has become so cynical and anti-big business that we bicker about it at every opportunity, yet at the same [...]

2 September 2008

Natural Gas Powered Vehicles paying $0.87 per Gallon?

It would seem T. Boone Pickens and his Pickens Plan followers are about to receive a flood of new supporters if headlines like these can be generated on a consistent basis. And yes, it’s confirmed, select residents in Utah who are fortunate to drive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles are lining up around the block [...]

1 September 2008

Why Index Funds are Bad Investments

The entire personal finance blogosphere is in love with index funds, and I’m here to tell you why they’re bad for your investment portfolio. This should go over well.  Black sheep anyone? I realize this thesis will not be a popular one, but from my perspective as an active investor and stock picker, I’m here [...]

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