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13 October 2008

America In Debt: 24% of American Families are Debt Free!

With near saturation of Doom & Gloom headlines in the previous week, I feel that it’s important to focus on some of the positives. Last night, amid the round the clock media coverage of the global financial crisis, CNBC aired some fairly recent data released by the Federal Reserve Board with the headlining title:  America [...]

10 October 2008

My First Real Life Green Energy Project: Switching Home Lighting to CFL Bulbs.

I’ve finally decided to exchange all of my standard light bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL bulbs). I realize I’m a few years late in joining the Going Green energy movement, but after spending the last two weeks reading about everyone’s retirement accounts being in the crapper (Moolanomy and No Debt Plan have two [...]

8 October 2008

AIG Blows $443,000 on Hotel Retreat and Day Spa Treatments after 85 Billion Dollar Bailout!

If ever there was a headline to make you scream “What The [expletive]?“… this is it! Roughly one week after AIG came calling for a cool $85 Billion in taxpayer money to prevent filing for bankruptcy, AIG’s management team decided they (and their best performing sales agents) needed a week off to play some golf, [...]

7 October 2008

S&P 500 Index Below 1000: Index Funds Nearing Decade Lows Once Again

The S&P 500 is below 1000 and index funds are nearing decade lows.  Do you know where your investments are? For edification purposes only, if you haven’t received your quarterly statements through the good ol’ fashioned snail mail just yet, take a quick peek into your online retirement account. Feeling Hulk-ish yet?  Good!  Me too! [...]

5 October 2008

60 Minutes Report on Financial Crisis: Wall Street Wasn’t Very Good at Their Job.

60 Minutes just aired one of the best video segments I’ve seen (to date) that sheds some new light on the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout Question in regards to Wall Street: What caused the current financial crisis? In the segment, 60 Minutes tapped credit market expert (Jim Grant from Grant’s Interest Rate Observer) to delve [...]

3 October 2008

Microsoft’s Live Search Cashback Program Saved Me 20% on My Ebay Purchase!

Microsoft’s Live Search Cashback program is for real, and it saved me 20% on my new laptop. I was initially skeptical of Microsoft’s claim that simply using their search engine would actually save me money, because quite honestly, it’s a pretty desperate business move for Microsoft to throw away cash in the hope of [...]

1 October 2008

Wall Street Bailout Bill: 5 Examples of Wall Street Trickle Down Effects

Many people are under the assumption that Wall Street‘s business transactions, particularly the transactions requiring a liquid credit market, have little to no affect on our daily lives. This is a false assumption. In fact, so many details of our daily lives are impacted by Wall Street that it is difficult for me to even [...]

29 September 2008

Does a Stock Market Plunge Affect Your Disposable Income?

Earlier today, I heard a financial journalist say one of the most peculiar statements I’ve ever heard about a down day in the stock market. It’s good to have something bad happen to keep you on your toes. I’m not sure who came up with that old adage, but I’m not sure a 778 point [...]

25 September 2008

Renting College Textbooks Cuts Higher Education Costs Up To 75%

  As if the cost of college tuition wasn’t prohibitive enough, the most basic of college essentials – the college textbooks - has steadily been increasing over the last 2 decades. According to data published by the General Accountability Office (GAO), the price of college textbooks has risen an average of 6% per year since the [...]

24 September 2008

Why High Oil Prices Should Not be a Factor in the Presidential Election.

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Normally I consider American politics about as entertaining and blog worthy as whales humping on The Discovery Channel.  But I recently stumbled across a quick 4 minute video on Presidential speeches (pre and post Presidential election) documenting just how worthless political rhetoric really is when it comes to Presidential candidates making promises to eliminate/reduce our [...]

23 September 2008

Investor Panic Sets New Records for Investment Firm Websites and Call Centers

It would appear that the majority of Americans with retirement accounts have really been sweating it out during this latest round of Wall Street negativity. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Fidelity’s website saw web traffic increase 25% higher than it’s all time high last week amid the flood of negative financial news.  Similarly, [...]

21 September 2008

California Student Selling Her Virginity to Pay for College.

I know times are tough, but I never thought I would ever hear of a young woman purposely selling her virginity to the highest bidder. Apparently, a 22 year old Sacramento State college graduate going by the stage name of Natalie Dylan will place her virginity up for auction at the infamous Nevada Bunny Ranch.  [...]

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