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20 August 2008

Home Swapping on the Rise at Craigslist.

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In a CNBC interview, CEO Jim Buckmaster reported that permanent home swapping is on the rise at Like Buckmaster, I would presume the increase in permanent house swapping (also known as home exchanges) he has identified is to avoid the large sales commissions charged by the realtors and related documentation fees from the major […]

19 August 2008

Top 10 Financial Moves I Ever Made

 Personal Finance         2 comments

When I entered the real world, there were no personal finance or investing related blogs.  This forced me to rely on limited advice I received from others or I had to figure things out on my own.  Some things worked, and some things just blew up in my face.  In reality, the only worthwhile financial […]

19 August 2008

What a time to start a blog!

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Oil rocketed to an all time high in mid 2008 at $148/barrel driving the average cost of gas nationwide to $4 per gallon.  Home equity loan commercials once polluted your favorite prime time television shows, and now they’re virtually nonexistent.  And what’s this, the U.S. Dollar might actually claw it’s way out of the dog […]

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