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31 December 2012

Stocking the Bomb Shelter: Is Buying in Bulk Actually Worth It?

If you like reality TV then you’ve probably seen commercials for the specialty shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and “Extreme Couponing.” While these shows may seem a little silly and a lot like a waste of time, there are those who make the concept of these shows a daily part of their lives.

15 February 2010

Keeping In Touch is Expensive, but Getting Cheaper

Have you ever stopped to consider how much money you’re paying to keep in touch? I’m betting that a good percentage of you haven’t. Not yet anyway! If you actually take the time to add up the amount of money you dish out every month to pay for the Holy Trinity of telecom cash cows […]

29 January 2009

A How To Video for Watching Netflix On Demand Movies

Finally!  Someone has made an online tutorial video to show the technophobes just how easy it is to use Netflix’s new On Demand Video service. I fully admit that I’m slowly losing touch with the tech world, so when I see videos like this one from David Pogue (NY Times technology reporter and CNBC contributor), I get a little […]

24 January 2009

Cable Bills Too High? Disconnect, Renegotiate Better Rate or Watch TV Online?

No wonder everyone is wondering why their paycheck disappears so fast.  The cost of everything seems to be doubling lately. Especially when it comes to overpaying for cable TV. Marc Hedlund (from the Wesabe Blog) posted a small, yet highly informative graphic that gave me one of those Aha! moments that bloggers love, while simultaneously […]

21 January 2009

Going Carless Isn’t as Painful as I Suspected

For approximately one year now, my old friend Dave and I have had a running bet. I bet Dave that he would go completely nuts when he gave up his car for public transportation for an entire year. Now that the weather has been below freezing in the DC area for the last few days, […]

10 October 2008

My First Real Life Green Energy Project: Switching Home Lighting to CFL Bulbs.

I’ve finally decided to exchange all of my standard light bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL bulbs). I realize I’m a few years late in joining the Going Green energy movement, but after spending the last two weeks reading about everyone’s retirement accounts being in the crapper (Moolanomy and No Debt Plan have two […]

11 September 2008

Disconnecting the Landline or the Cell Phone?

Being somewhat of an anti-gadget type of person, I decided to check out the new Blackberry Bold earlier this morning against my better judgment.  No doubt, it’s an impressive piece of hardware, but I was quickly taken aback at the prices wireless telecom companies are charging these days. The unlimited talk and text plan from […]