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25 February 2013

Top 3 Mistakes that Will Destroy Your Credit

If you have never learned about credit, however, you are certainly not aware of how your actions today can affect you tomorrow. You may not know anything is wrong until you go to buy a car or a home and find that you are rejected because of a low credit rating. Don’t let this happen to you. By avoiding these mistakes in your teens and early adulthood, you can establish a solid credit history as an adult.

3 April 2012

Why Credit Cards are Attractive

Anyone who has been managing their finances for anytime knows that credit cards make consumer debt that much easier. It’s a simple fact that if you have the option to go into debt without truly knowing the harsh reality of having to dig yourself out of debt, you are likely to do just that – go into debt. It’s easy to get caught up in possessions and think that your life will be better with more stuff, even if you can’t afford it. Yet, credit cards offer many benefits that make them attractive.

8 January 2010

10 Signs You Have a Debt Avoidance Problem

I drafted this article after spending two weeks of discussions with an old friend who finally acknowledged her debt was beginning to influence her behavior. By creating a budget and drawing up a plan to aggressively pay down her debt within 15 to 18 months, she now claims she can finally set down the guilt […]

18 November 2009

Fighting Back Against the ‘Too Big to Fail’ Banks

I’m convinced that the current administration will fail to significantly alter the regulatory framework that governs the investment banking community, as well as the fee based business model practiced by the institutional mega-banks. Regardless of the new regulations that will be drafted, or the old regulations that might be reinstated, the best and brightest business […]

6 November 2009

Charles Schwab Might be the Best Choice for Passive Investors

Charles Schwab wants to get into the index fund and ETF business. Badly! In doing so, Schwab has created a series of funds to undercut the industry leader — Vanguard — by offering the lowest expense ratio ETFs and index funds on the market. With an expense ratio as low as 0.08%, these funds even […]

9 September 2009

The Benefits of a Credit Card with a Low Spending/Credit Limit

Have you ever wanted to buy that certain something from the Internet, but hesitated because you were fearful of having your credit card number stolen? How about that post transaction anxiety you felt after giving away your credit card information over the phone? Are you 100 percent certain the person on the other end of […]

17 February 2009

How Important is Credit? Just Ask the Bank Stocks!

I’m a firm believer that the stock market will tell you the answer to nearly any financial related question if you know how to ask the question, and similarly, where to find the right answers. So when someone posed the following question to me today, I did a little digging. What happened to all the […]