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9 April 2012

The Simple Yet Fulfilling Life of Frugal Billionaires

“I wanna be a billionaire..” Perhaps this song by Travie McCoy became a massive hit not just because of its pop rhythm and lyrics, but also because at one time or another many of us dreamt of becoming a billionaire. Millions of people aspire to this, but do you know that there are billionaires who spend much less on necessities and luxuries than above average income earners?

30 December 2010

Lending Club Update: Earning 15.6% NAR on P2P Lending Investments

~ ~ ~ April 2011 Update: Shutting Down My Lending Club Investments over Q&A Change ~ ~ ~   My Lending Club investment portfolio is continuing to look fairly impressive as we close the books on 2010. Summary Net Annual Return is up to 15.64% NAR. My highest observed NAR was 15.69%, but as of today, I’m […]

2 May 2010

Noteworthy Quotes from Berkshire Hathaway 2010 Annual Meeting

Berkshire Hathaway’s top man, Warren Buffett, and Number 2 man, Charlie Munger, have quotability factors that are off the normal human scale. So it’s no surprise the #BRK2010 Twitter hashtag blew up during the 2010 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Being a self confessed quotes junkie, here are a few knowledge bombs from the Buffett & […]

8 March 2010

Thought Provoking Quotes about Debt and Paying Interest

As a self confessed quotes junkie, few things in life can change my thought process or motivate me to change my opinion more than a hard to forget quote. Not only are they fairly easy to remember and somewhat sexy to interject into everyday conversation, but in a small number of incidents, they can act […]

24 December 2009

Maybe Asking Santa for a White Christmas was a Bad Idea

What a snow storm! Three days plus 90 minutes without electricity, 3 days without tap water (after power was restored), and 6 days without cable TV & Internet service. Not to mention pulling two people out of a ditch, shoveling 2 rather long driveways by hand, and the personal discomfort of bathing from the heated […]

16 September 2009

Lessons Learned from Canada: Banking is Supposed to be Boring

Banking is supposed to be boring. There, I said it. I’m not a banker, nor will I likely ever be one in the future (unless my P2P lending plan works out supremely well), but as I’ve mentioned several times, banking is all about the boring ol’ 3-6-3 rule. Bring in deposits at 3 percent (the […]

4 July 2009

Why Do We Rent Some Stuff but Buy Other Stuff?

I read an interesting post at PBS earlier today entitled Why Do Brides Buy Dresses While Grooms Rent Tuxes?, and I must say, the question has been bouncing around in my head all day. Not because the question is all that difficult, but that it got me thinking about all the other things in my […]

20 June 2009

Sometimes the Hardest (and Wisest) Thing to Do is to Do Nothing

There is an old (and unresolved) debate among historians that the game of Chess was invented as a way for a King to teach his Generals battlefield tactics. The King found that the younger headstrong Generals would attack quickly without much of a strategy or consideration for the survivability of his armies.  Their idea was […]

10 June 2009

Peter Schiff’s Bearish Hyperinflation Call on The Daily Show

Peter Schiff might have the biggest set of brass cojones of any financial guru I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. When he warned of an impending recession in 2006-2007, he was dismissed as a ultra bearish fool.  When he said a real estate bubble had formed and no one would be able to sell homes that […]

26 December 2008

Are You a Broke College Student? Get a Dirty Job… I Did!

One of my favorite shows over the past few years has been The Discovery Channel hit series – Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe (plus a crew of brave cameramen) pick a few disgusting and/or labor intensive jobs each week that no one ever hears about, and humorously attempts to perform those job functions for our edification […]

16 December 2008

Lessons Learned: What Can Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme Teach Us About Investing

By now, everyone has heard about the now infamous Bernie Madoff and his (alleged) $50 Billion Ponzi scheme. As if the stock market meltdown wasn’t bad enough with investors taking 40% to 50% losses in their portfolio, we have this guy to thank for adding one last dastardly deed. Investor confidence in Wall Street couldn’t […]

17 November 2008

Lessons Learned: What Has the Economic Crisis of 2008 Taught Me?

Today I ran across an article from the Wall Street Journal saying Maybe There Is an Upside to This Mess, which as the title suggests, is trying to make a lemons to lemonade argument.