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29 January 2011

Buying Bank Owned, Short Sale or Foreclosed Property

Sage advice from Bloomberg when buying a distressed sale — bank owned (REO), short sale, foreclosure — real estate. As the video says, don’t be afraid of bringing in some hired guns. At the very least, work with a Realtor who, more than likely, knows more about the nuances of distressed property sales better than […]

13 January 2011

Real Estate: It Will Get Worse (than 2010) Before it Gets Better

It’s scary from a consumer perspective that 2010 marked a record in number of foreclosures, and yet, due to the robosigning fiasco delaying up to 250,000 of foreclosures nationwide at the end of the year, we still managed to break the record. For those hoping for a speedier fix — rip the BandAid off quickly […]

17 June 2010

A New Wave of Distressed Sales & Foreclosures Due to BP Oil Spill?

Not surprisingly, headlines like “The Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History” and “Sunbathers in Gas Masks” are doing substantial damage to the balance sheets of tourism dependent oceanfront resorts and small business real estate investors in the Gulf Coast. As one oceanfront real estate developer states: There is no real estate on the beach trading […]

23 April 2009

5 Lessons Potential Home Buyers Can Learn from Median Income vs Median Home Price

The NY Times recently published a very powerful interactive graphic comparing median income vs. median home prices from a wide selection of American cities dating back to 1979. At first glance, it really does appear all that sensational.  However, as a personal finance blogger, the conclusions I’ve drawn from this graphic is a prime example […]

6 April 2009

Home Prices to Fall Another 30%: Analyst Who Called Crash Makes Bearish Call on Real Estate

Several readers have emailed me over the past few weeks asking my opinion on the current state of the real estate market after my post on mark-to-market accounting practices. The gist of these questions went something like this: Is now the time to buy a house? Have we hit a bottom in the real estate […]

12 March 2009

What Does Mark To Market Accounting Mean For You and Your Home’s Value?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard a new financial phrase in the news called “mark-to-market accounting” and wondering just what it’s all about. Mark-to-market is really nothing but a pseudo confusing accounting practice that says you should price your goods at prices the market is willing to pay for them. Meaning, you take an asset like your home and find […]

3 March 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love the Recession

I’m one of those weird people that believe when things go horribly wrong, the opportunity to make your situation better for the long term quietly presents itself. I realize it’s not a popular thesis to propose when we’re losing thousands of jobs everyday and 8% of the American public isn’t paying their mortgage on time, but […]

26 February 2009

Avoiding the Bubbles: Knowing when Not to Buy Can Save You Thousands

One of my goals here at SF is to discuss sound personal investing. Not exactly a novel concept I know, and I’m sure you can find a myriad of columnists and self promoting TV personalities screaming BUY! BUY! BUY! as loudly as possible just to get your attention. I’m really not that sort of investor […]

12 February 2009

Vulture Investing Watch: Great Example of City Condo’s Selling at Half Price

If you’re new to vulture investing, I’ll let you in on a little tip.  It’s fun, it’s easy and quite fulfilling if you’re the type of person who shook your head wondering why everyone else was buying “stuff” after everything skyrocketed in price during 2006 and 2007.  The Marketplace video below is a prime example of […]

30 January 2009

Vulture Investing: Buying the Joneses Stuff at Half Price!

I had an interesting talk with a family member yesterday regarding her neighbors — the stereotypical Mr. & Mrs. Jones — who now find themselves in a personal finance bear trap. They’re trying to unload their 2 year old SUV because they can no longer keep up with the payments on three cars.  That’s right folks – they have three cars, all of […]