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1 March 2011

Installing Solar Panels as a Hedge Against Energy Cost Inflation

I’ve been considering installing solar panels on my roof for several years now. The number one reason I haven’t is cost, where I fear the upfront cost won’t justify the long term savings. But to be more specific, it’s that I’m a bit wary of being an early adopter in any new technology too soon […]

26 February 2011

Oceanfront Property to be ‘Just’ Ocean by 2100

What could potentially be the most forward thinking, buy & hold real estate investment of the 21st century: sell existing waterfront property (especially low sea level property). buy real estate several miles inland. Why? As you’ll see in the video: Environmental scientists expect sea levels to rise 3 feet more in the next 80 to […]

1 February 2011

Empire State Building Saving $4 Million with Windows Upgrade

Love to see stories like these. Buildings in New York City represent 80% of the energy consumed there. The total renovation project [replacing aging windows with energy star rated windows] at the Empire State Building is going to save over four million dollars a year. — Planet Forward What many people fail to realize is […]

9 January 2011

Biodegradable Fungus to Replace Styrofoam?

You have to love the level of creativity from 26 year old entrepreneur of Ecovative Design, Eben Bayer, who wants to replace the toxic petroleum based white stuff (aka Styrofoam) and substitute it with EcoCradle, a biogradeable Styrofoam equivalent using agricultural waste and a mycelium fungus (aka mushroom roots) as a “glue”. BAYER: Our business […]

22 December 2010

Chartology: Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Emission Levels

The Keeling Curve, named after Dr. Charles David Keeling, is probably one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century. In short, it measures the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and altered modern science’s view of our synergisgic relationship with that of Planet Earth. Ironically, Dr. Keeling was a Republican: “He was […]

15 June 2010

Green Energy Still Dependent Upon Mining

Looks like the old adage “If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs” holds true in the case of green technology and renewable energy. You want to go on a path to a green future? That path starts in a mine. The first step in the supply chain for […]

14 July 2009

Beware Greenwashing Advertisements When Buying a New Home

Promoting and labeling yourself as a green manufacturer — whether you’re legit or just faking it — has really taken off now that the green living / ecofriendly / sustainable living market has gone mainstream. It’s become so common that current research indicates that as much as 98% of North American companies committed at least […]

18 June 2009

What’s Worse than Trillions on the National Debt Clock? Try the Carbon Counter!

What could be more eye opening than the National Debt Clock with a few trillion dollars up for display? Try the new Carbon Counter courtesy of Deutsche Bank. According to Deutsche Bank’s website: The Carbon Counter displays the running total amount of long-lived greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons) in the […]

8 April 2009

GM’s Yukon Denali Hybrid: Worst Greenwashing Campaign Ever?

I now understand why General Motors (aka Government Motors) has done so poorly over the last three decades:  they just don’t seem to get the big picture when it comes to winning the battle of public opinion. Earlier this week, GM announced plans to retrofit the GMC Yukon Denali line into a full sized hybrid […]

2 April 2009

Raised Garden Beds are an Easy Solution for Recession Gardeners

 Green Living         4 comments

Now that recession gardening has become the newest craze, home improvement stores can barely keep enough seeds on their shelves. Problem is, most people — I would bet — don’t know the first thing about managing a garden.  Much less, how to start one beyond buying the seeds and few bags of potting soil at […]

20 March 2009

Recession Gardens: 10 Easy Herbs & Vegetables You Can Grow at Home to Save Money

So get this, when people lose their jobs or their investment portfolios lose half their value, they actually switch back to quaint little customs — like growing their own personal vegetable garden — to save money. How anti-90s! Yep, garden space is rapidly becoming a hot commodity now that we’re knee deep in a recession […]

5 March 2009

Unwanted and Shunned Dirty Jobs Will Become the Big Money Jobs of the Future

Imagine a future where a guy who shovels cow manure is a multimillionaire.  How about a foul mouthed pig farmer with questionable hygiene becoming the new upper class of society? You’re probably looking at that opening paragraph and thinking I’ve lost my mind. That’s possible I suppose. But after watching the EG08 Talk given by […]

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