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31 December 2012

Stocking the Bomb Shelter: Is Buying in Bulk Actually Worth It?

If you like reality TV then you’ve probably seen commercials for the specialty shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and “Extreme Couponing.” While these shows may seem a little silly and a lot like a waste of time, there are those who make the concept of these shows a daily part of their lives.

11 June 2012

The Real Deal of “Deal of the Day” Websites

SALE… This word appeals to everyone these days and not just to women anymore. Men are attracted to this four letter word especially if it applies to items that they want. It is the magic word behind the craze of Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals. The popularity of sales and great deals is the reason for the success of the “Deal of the Day” offers. “Deal of the Day” offers (also called daily deals) are exclusive offers to members that include almost anything. It includes the basic stuff like beauty products, electronics, food, medical services, health and fitness, but it also includes more lavish offers like vacation packages.

7 May 2012

Investing in a Timeshare – Is It Worth It?

Exclusive membership, unique settings, beautiful resorts, fabulous locations, great marketing pitch, and access to above ordinary amenities. These are just some of the things that may encourage an individual to invest in a timeshare. You may already know the wonderful perks included in timeshare offers, and since it’s been made obvious from day one by agents with great marketing schemes, there is one question you need to consider before putting your hard earned money in this arrangement. With all the wonderful amenities that you will receive, is it all worth it? Will you get your money’s worth? Timeshares are not cheap because you have to pay for exclusivity, but is it a good investment in the long run.

30 April 2012

Travel for Pennies: How Rethinking International Travel Can Save You Money

Americans traditionally consider travel a luxury, reserved for retirement-aged people who are able to afford the time and cost involved in taking a proper vacation. We often think of traveling as a getaway, where all of our needs and wants are addressed by friendly hotel staff. The destination and local culture are often lost amongst mints on pillows, relaxing spa treatments, fancy dinners and elaborate shows.

2 February 2012

When Frugal isn’t Smart

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Are you one of those people that wants to find ways to save money? Does following the latest frugal tips get you excited? I believe in reducing my expenses just like anyone else, but there are certain times when it pays to spend more. The best example of this is with insurance. I understand that this contradicts the popular wisdom, but I would rather protect myself against a worst case scenario than risk it.

1 February 2012

Why the Recession was a Good Thing

What comes to mind for most people, when they think of the recession, is not something pleasant. The recession is often associated with loss of a job, separation from family, significant lifestyle changes, foreclosure, etc. None of these are positive images. Yet, there are many reasons why I love the recession. What the Recession Meant […]

30 January 2012

Why Personal Finances Matter in Politics

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Have you ever wondered where personal finances come into play in politics? Certainly, everything seems to be connected. You and I pay taxes that contribute towards various government-funded programs like education, roads, social security, etc. Beyond the concern for the tax payer’s dollars, why would personal finances matter when it comes to the larger realm […]

21 March 2011

How to Game the $7.99/lb Salad Bar

My secret is out. Scratch that – I doubt I’m the only one who ever figured out this frugal hack on how to turn the tables of your local grocery store’s salad bar, but being that I usually see at least one person making the same mistake every time I go shopping, I’d wager more […]

1 March 2011

Installing Solar Panels as a Hedge Against Energy Cost Inflation

I’ve been considering installing solar panels on my roof for several years now. The number one reason I haven’t is cost, where I fear the upfront cost won’t justify the long term savings. But to be more specific, it’s that I’m a bit wary of being an early adopter in any new technology too soon […]

13 February 2011

Farmer Matt Can’t Wait to Spring

Something tells me harvest time will be extra colorful this year. This years batch of seeds, mostly heirloom seeds (e.g. no genetically modified seeds) cost me ~$80, but the resulting produce will be worth a minimum of 10 times that. Even if you’re a farmer’s market novice, you’ll know the specialty heirlooms — the Orangeglo […]

25 January 2011

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping… at Wal-Mart?

Here’s a first for me… I actually found myself saying “I should shop more at Wal-Mart” while reading this NYT article on the mega-retailer pushing for cost reductions on healthier foods. The plan, similar to efforts by other companies and to public health initiatives by New York City, sets specific targets for lowering sodium, trans […]

6 October 2010

What Sounds Better: Skype/Google Video Chat for Free or Cisco’s Umi for $275 per Year

What sounds like a better deal? Unlimited minutes of video chatting over Cisco’s new home based telepresence system called the “Umi” for $25 per month? or… Unlimited minutes of free video chatting on Google video chat or Skype video chat on your home personal computer, laptop, and/or an array of mobile devices of your choosing. […]

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