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4 January 2017

What to Know About Repairing Your Credit

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Lots of people need to repair their credit. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon scenario in our modern society. Many consumers do not take the time to understand how to use credit wisely before they become proficient credit card spenders. Many banks out there are obsessed with finding new markets for their credit services, so […]

23 August 2012

A Strange Solution to Education and Employment Needs for Young Adults Going into Business Fields

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I don’t usually do this (come up with wacky solutions that have zero chance of coming to fruition). Still, I wanted to write it down, just in case it ever happens. That way I can prove that it was all my idea. Young adults have two very big problems. They need a professional education to prepare them for a career, and they need to find a path to employment in the career they want. Both these goals have proven painfully elusive to recent young adults. The newest generation of college students has seen record low completion rates at increasingly higher cost. Worse still, when students do graduate, they are struggling to get into their desired fields. The problem is that colleges are providing an excellent scholastic education, but it hasn’t translated into the networking and experience needed for a job. What students do get is a costly education, a hand shake and best wishes finding a job.

21 August 2012

Extra Ways to Earn Money in Education

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Everyone wants to earn more money these days, but getting a raise each year is never a guarantee. If you want to earn more money this next fiscal year, you have to take things into your own hands. While you could get down on yourself for not making as much money as you would like, […]

9 February 2012

The Case for Getting Two Bachelors Degrees in Two Different Fields

The statistics tell me that having an undergraduate degree in economics increases my chances of becoming part of the wealthiest 1%. I always knew that graduating in economics would be my ticket to the big bucks. There is just one conundrum that I’ve never solved. If having an economics degree will make me wealthy, why couldn’t I find a job in economics after graduating college?

28 January 2012

New Jersey Anti-Bully Law Revoked for Lack of Funding

New Jersey recently instituted an Anti-Bullying law, forcing schools to be more active in teaching against bullying. The anti-bullying law was put in place to protect students from experiencing something similar to what Tyler Clementi, a Rutger’s student, experienced just before committing suicide. After having his roommate set up a webcam in their shared dorm room to video tape his homosexual activities, Tyler experienced public shame and his resulting actions led to more attention to this horrible phenomenon within public schools.

25 September 2008

Renting College Textbooks Cuts Higher Education Costs Up To 75%

  As if the cost of college tuition wasn’t prohibitive enough, the most basic of college essentials – the college textbooks – has steadily been increasing over the last 2 decades. According to data published by the General Accountability Office (GAO), the price of college textbooks has risen an average of 6% per year since the […]