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This blog was started as a side project of an independent trader.

Over the years, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time discussing finances with family and friends who always seem to ask the same questions.  To which, I would spend half an hour writing out the same old answer.

With a blog, I just send them a web link saying “Read This” and problem solved.  If my articles are beneficial to anyone else… then I’m happy to help.

If you have specific questions and can’t find what you’re looking for, just drop me a quick email.

The Goal of Steadfast Finances

My goal is educate those who want to know learn how to grow their money beyond a basic money market account or traditional index fund can provide, while throwing in a few personal finance tips along the way.

My background

My education lies outside the field of finance. Personal finance is mainly just a hobby or a passion. I want to see real change in people’s lives and think that blogging about it can make a difference.

I’ve always been successful with managing my finances. I’ve made my mistakes, but I’ve successfully avoided all forms of debt and am happy to teach others to do the same.


For legality reasons, it should be mentioned that I am in no way to be considered a financial professional in any capacity. I do not hold any certifications or degrees within the financial field.

I’m just a guy writing about personal finance, investing, or other money saving tips that I think the money conscious crowd might find helpful.

You should never take any information on this blog (or any other blog) as financial advice unless that is their stated goal.

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