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What to Know About Repairing Your Credit

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Lots of people need to repair their credit. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon scenario in our modern society. Many consumers do not take the time to understand how to use credit wisely before they become proficient credit card spenders. Many banks out there are obsessed with finding new markets for their credit services, so they make it a point to go after under educated consumers with verve.

And that makes no mention of car dealers, mortgage brokers and other professionals looking to pad their books with unqualified buyers. So they fudge applications and push through people that should not be allowed to obtain financing.

All this adds up to a large swath of the population with huge credit problems. So, if you are one of those masses, how do you get back to good credit? You can always try The Credit People. You can visit to understand how the company can give a real alternative to consumers that do not want to pay an ongoing monthly fee for credit repair services.

The traditional model for credit repair companies is to charge a small setup fee to take on the case and then a monthly rate. The Credit People offer that regular pricing structure at $19 to start and $59 per month, which is not bad.

But for those consumers who need credit help but do not want to be locked into an ongoing monthly commitment, they can pay the 19 bucks and then pay a flat fee of $299 for six months of credit repair service. That includes a satisfaction guarantee, which means you can ask for your money back at any point in the credit repair process, if you are not satisfied.

This price flexibility is a welcome sign for consumers that have a fluctuating amount of income from month to month. If you sign up for their services, you may see serious boosts in your credit scores within 60 days. In the flat-fee plan, you can stay with them for the full six months and the company will continue to improve your credit.

Credit repair is hard to timeline. Each case is different. How long it takes to fix a client’s credit depends on the number of negative items in a credit report. The Credit People can give an estimate of how long it might take once they review your specific case.

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