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5 Ways to Enjoy the Movies for Cheap

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Popcorn, the dark theater, a comfortable seat, the big screen, a good film, and booming surround sound…. This set-up lures people to attend the movies. Although going to the movies is good, clean fun and is enjoyed by everyone, this entertainment source does not come cheap. With the prices of commodities getting higher and higher, entertainment, including watching a movie, becomes a luxury.

Still, it is impossible and probably unwise to totally eliminate entertainment expenses. People go about their daily lives, tackling day to day stress and at some point, they deserve some much needed rest and relaxation. Although you cannot totally eliminate the cost of seeing a movie, there are some ways you can combat the high price that goes with it.

What Costs So Much?

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are expected to stay sky high and continue to increase each year. Different cities and different theaters will have different prices for their tickets.


Another costly thing about going to the movies is the snacks that you buy. Popcorn and sodas might be mainstays when it comes to your ideal viewing experience, but they are probably not included in your budget. The snacks that you buy at the movies are very expensive, and you really don’t need them.

Added Effects

The 3D effects and the IMAX theaters are the most exciting things nowadays when it comes to movies. They make the screen jump to life and make your viewing experience even more exciting. The extra features do not come cheap, and you can expect to pay more for these films than you would for their 2D counterparts even if it’s the same movie.

The Theater

Some movie theaters may charge more than the others, depending on the extra services or features they offer.

Buying Tickets Online

Buying tickets online is much easier because you do not have to wait in line, but in some cases, it does cost more.

How to Minimize Your Movie Expenses

Fewer Movie Outings

The first thing you can do to lessen the money spent on movies is by limiting your trips to the movies. Try watching only the flicks that you truly like or better yet, try watching films that the whole family likes. For the movies that you missed, you can watch them at home when they are released to DVD and Blu-Ray.

Catch the Matinee

Matinees, which are the movies that are shown in the afternoons, are often much cheaper than movies shown in the evenings and at night. When you do this, you can still enjoy your fave flick just at a different time.

Scout for Offers

You can look for good offers online by checking “deal of the day” websites like Groupon. They sometimes offer cheap movie tickets. You can also join price clubs to get affordable discounts on movie tickets.

Buy Less Snacks

The best way to combat the urge to buy snacks is to go to the movies with a full stomach. If you really want to buy snacks, you can save by sharing a big bucket of popcorn and a big drink or two instead of buying one for each member of the family.

Get It Later

If you can wait a few weeks to watch a new flick but don’t want to watch it at home, there are late-run theaters you can go to (in some cities). They show movies that are released a few weeks earlier, and they sell tickets at a reduced price. You get to enjoy the same movie and ambiance just a bit later than others.

The bottom line is that watching movies might be a good family tradition for you and your family. It may be a valuable source of entertainment and bonding time, but it can be a financial burden. The only way to avoid spending too much on movies is to try to find ways to save. If you can save some money at the movies, then you will not have to give up the activity. So, have fun at the movies but stay within your budget.

What other ways can you think of to save on trips to the movies?

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Oct 9, 2012
11:55 pm

To save money, I only go to matinees and “sneak” popcorn and drinks in using a backpack.

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