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Visa Black Card Review

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Looking for an elite credit card with great perks? Look no further.

The Visa Black Card is here to provide you with some of the most luxurious benefits. The Visa Black Card has limited membership. Not just anyone can qualify for this credit card. The aim of limiting its membership is geared to maintain the high quality service available to the card owners. While I can’t guarantee that owning this credit card will make you stand out among your colleagues or friends socially, I can assure you of the many benefits that the Visa Black Card has to offer.

Benefits of the Visa Black Card

There are many benefits to the Visa Black Credit Card. Perhaps it’s most sought-after benefit or rewards is the 24 hour concierge service. This is ideal for the business person on the travel. We all know that traveling can be tiresome. After a long week of meetings away from home, the last thing you want to do is to face the annoyance of traveling. Being a proud owner of the Visa Black Card will allow you the piece of mind that you need. This means no more worrying about the details – you have someone at your disposal to take care of it for you. How good does that sound? More importantly, this card also gives you complimentary membership to VIP lounges around the world.

If this weren’t enough, all card owners receive 1% cash back or the option of airline tickets that do not have blackout dates. Let me say that again – no blackout dates! I’ve saved up tens of thousands of airline points before and have been extremely frustrated at how difficult it can be to use those points. The points you earn with this card doesn’t have the same problem.

If you are a person on the move, this card may be the card for you. While many people avoid credit cards with annual fees, it is all about using the card to your advantage. Apply today and start earning rewards when you travel. Be sure to let me know how nice the VIP lounges are as well.


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Posted by CJ   @   11 April 2012 1 comments


Jan 18, 2013
3:15 pm
#1 pfstock :

If you don’t mind my asking, do you know anybody who actually has a Visa Black Card? The annual fee of $495 seems pretty steep.

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