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Will Cosmetic Treatment Boost the Economy?

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Even though we have started to see a steady increase in the economy the past two months, there is still much to debate. Will the economy return or go beyond its levels that it was before the 2009 downturn? How will the economy fair with unemployment so high? Many people have speculated that new job markets will bring the economy back to acceptable levels. While some may speculate that this will be carried out by the green market, or the market for sustainable energy, I think there is something that we are overlooking: cosmetic treatments.

Why Cosmetic Treatment Will Help the Economy

As we all know that the wealthy have barely been affected by the recent downturn. Those who have suffered the most from this are the middle and lower classes. Sure, there may have been a lower profit margin for executives or large business owners, but their wealth enabled them to keep their standards of living the same. This means that the rich or wealthy are still able to afford luxury items, regardless of an economic downturn because of this cushion. As we have seen in popular media, there has been an increase in cosmetic treatments. Whether it is liposuction or laser hair removal, this rare market is not lacking in demand. Because famous individuals or popular icons have embraced physical improvements or cosmetic treatments, it’s popularity has grown over recent years. Who doesn’t want an improved image? It was just a few weeks ago that my dentist asked me if I wanted to whiten my teeth, even though I felt this was unnecessary.

It seems only obvious then to suggest that this could be a market full of untapped potential. If you need to find new jobs, you need to look for those that service those who have money because they will be the ones that will be able to afford luxury items in an economic downturn. Utilizing and perhaps expanding the cosmetic market could help boost the economy as it provides for more decent-wage employment.

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