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Yakezie Carnival – The Superbowl Clones Game

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Surprise, my favorite football team didn’t make it to the Superbowl, but both the “New York Giants” and the “New England Patriots” did.

Luckily for me, I respect and enjoy watching both teams!  In honor of such hard working teams with superstar quarterbacks, I’m going to scatter a few pictures throughout the carnival today!

I chose the title “Superbowl Clones Game” because in many ways the teams have much in common, even the the first part of their names “New”.  Plus they have played each other in the Superbowl before (2008 Giant’s Win).

Oh, and from a stock market prediction perspective, it would be better if the New York Giants win for some spurious statistical reason, but I’m totally indifferent!

And now onto the Yakezie Carnival.  In case you aren’t familiar with the Yakezie Network, it is the largest network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers on the web and I’m excited to share this weeks submissions!


New York Giants Helmet
Totally Money: 10 ways to make the most of a ‘make do’ job – How to make the best of a job you don’t really like

Watson Inc: Goals Are NEVER Enough: 3 Reasons You MUST Cultivate Your Desires – A strong desire towards high goals is a phenomenal way elevate your performance. Here are 3 reasons to cultivate your true desires.

My Journey to Millions: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! – Let’s get an update on Daniel Ruettiger, the man the movie Rudy is about.

Invest It Wisely: These Three Jobs Are a Great Way for a Teen to Earn Money and Learn Something About Life at the Same Time – My opinion is that one of the best ways for a teenager to learn about making and saving money is to get a summer-job, or work part-time. These are absolutely amazing ways to gain valuable experience in helping others and learn about responsibility, endurance, and teamwork, and earn money in the process.

Money Q&A : How To Raise The Next Millionaire Entrepreneur – Giving them a solid foundation to launch their creative ideas will help them achieve a financial freedom. A true millionaire entrepreneur knows that they can’t wait for opportunities to find them.

Master the Art of Saving : My Biggest Financial Fear – Sometimes fear can motivate us and other times, it can paralyze us or dictate our decisions. I have plenty of fears, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

The Penny Hoarder : How to Make Money Buying Virtual Real Estate – Real estate is such a valuable investment, you no longer need it to be real to make money. Learn how real-life virtual real estate entrepreneurs have made millions.

Money Reasons : Why Taxing Dividend Income Hurts The Elderly – Taxing dividends at a higher percentage hurts the elderly and the young.

Frugal Confessions : Double Tax Benefits for Mid to Low Income Households Who Contribute to Retirement Accounts – When you think about retirement, are you stuck in disillusionment somewhere between your dreams and the reality of an empty retirement account?

Your Finances Simplified : 10 Easy Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance – Everyone has to have car insurance, but it can be a pain to find something that works for you and that you can afford. If you are tight on funds, or if you simply want to save some money, here are ten easy tips for saving money on your car insurance.

My Broken Coin : How “Do Not Need” Lists Can Save You A Buck – I am on a three month no-buy resolution. I figured it is a good prelude to start implementing my next resolution – de-cluttering. Where do you usually start? I, of course, started with my favorite place which happens to be (you guessed it, right!) my closet.

Darwin’s Money : Confidence is Great, Right? Nope, It’ll Wreck Your Life – We’re all taught to be confident from childhood. You know, those confidence boosters like getting a trophy no matter where you placed, parents telling you that you can do anything in life and so on. On some level, having confidence in yourself and what you can achieve does allow you to think big, stretch your your limits and achieve great things.

20s Finances : Passive Income Done Right – Do you often think about how you could create a passive income? Maybe you’re just itching to get out of your job and would love to create a real estate empire, or perhaps a franchise that is run completely by someone other than you. These dreams are all well and good, but you must first have your finances in order before you can pursue opportunities such as these…

Newlyweds on a Budget : How do you talk about money with your husband? – Who manages the finances in your relationship? And how do you decide how to spend your money?

Financial Success for Young Adults : How You Can Build Wealth – Building wealth takes time and knowledge. There is no get rich quick method. There are a few ways to begin building wealth. Passive income is the key.

Krant Cents : Protecting your home when on holiday: top tips – Whatever kind of neighbourhood you live in, you will want to protect your home while you are away from it. Should you be embarking on a big holiday in the coming weeks and months and you find yourself away from the house for two weeks or more, there are a number of things you can

Married (with Debt) : Frugal Living is All About Creating the Debt Free Magic in Your Life – This site is about helping people, both financially and in all aspects of their lives. Because I want this site to be a community, you will see from time to time, guest posts from readers and fellow financial bloggers.

My Retirement Blog : 2012 IRA Contribution Limits – Curious what the 2012 IRA Contributions Limits are?

Beating The Index : Investing in Canadian Well Completion & Drilling Companies – The oilfield services industry provides investors with exposure to the oil and gas commodity sector minus the inherent risks associated with exploration and development drilling.


Finance Fox : Airline’s Charge to Check Bags = One Big Cash Grab – Despite a pretty smooth trip overall, I had the pleasure of paying $25 to check my bag. Three different airports, three different starting points and that’s $75 less I had in my wallet.

Small Business Resource : Top Tips For Small Businesses To Survive The Recession – Here are some tips for small businesses to survive the recession …. courtesy of the everywoman network!

Thousandaire : Cheap Things That Make Life Easier – Sometimes people get so caught up in the idea of saving money that they won’t use their hard earned cash to buy something that would improve their quality of life. What the heck are you working for if you can’t buy yourself something that will make you happier?

Personal Finance Journey : How to Host a Superbowl Party on the Cheap – The Super Bowl is just around the corner and if your house is about be invaded by party-goers, you might be worried about what hosting a huge party is going to cost you. Potlucks and BYOB are always a good way to host a party on the cheap!

Sweating the Big Stuff : Paypal Income Reporting Requirements for Bloggers – The IRS required PayPal to issue Form 1099-K to those making over $20,000 a year on PayPal. Since it was so confusing, the IRS did something smart.

Smart Family Finance : Mistakes Young Families Make When Financing Their First Home – Money mistakes made by young, educated and affluent families were a direct cause of our current economic turmoil. If families fail to learn from those home buying mistakes, we are doomed to repeat the consequences.

Money Spruce : 37 Must-Read Posts for Tax Savings – A collection of the best tax tips posts that cover a wide range of tax topics, including deductions, tips for filing, and working with an accountant.

Funancials : Are You A Mental Accountant? (Grand Finale) – Remember when Jeff Foxworthy came out with his unforgettable series, ‘You Might Be A Redneck?’ It was a huge hit that led to book deals, TV shows, and enough riches to fund every redneck’s retirement. Read my take on being a mental accountant with a Jeff Foxworthy spin.

Young Family Finance : Cheap Romantic Dates – Cheap romantic dates are great on the budget and relationship. Find creative ideas here.

Money Smart Guides : What to Look for in Mutual Funds – Part 1 – This is my first part of a 2 part article on what to look for in Mutual Funds.

Money Q&A : The Beginner’s Guide – How To Find A Mutual Fund – There are tens of thousands of mutual funds out there for investors to choose from. It is very intimidating for new beginner investors to learn how to find a mutual fund.

Broke Professionals : Simple Home Maintenance Anyone Can Do – If you own a home, you can save time and money by learning to do some common and simple home maintenance. The time you save is the time needed to locate a repair person, wait for them to arrive and do the task. The money you save is their labor charge.

The Ultimate Juggle : Unexpected Crisis – Find out how I managed to take care of a lot of things in a short amount of time.

Passive Income To Retire : Early Retirement – In preparation for early retirement, what are you doing? Find out what I am doing to prepare for early retirement.

101 Centavos : Redneck Dividends – As I was editing the notorious 101 Centavos Dividend Portfolio that is featured on this site, it occurred to me that some of the dividend picks shared …

Financial God : Is Canada Immune to a Financial Blowup? – My Own Advisor recently wrote about the heavy austerity in Greece, and thanks his lucky stars that things are nowhere near this bad in Canada. I agree that those in Canada are very lucky that the country has weathered the financial storm in relatively good shape, and not only that but the Canadian government has wasted less of the people’s wealth on ‘stimulus’.

Steadfast Finances: Fake Prosperity: U.S. National Debt Growth vs. GDP Growth – If you’re a member of Gen X and Gen Y, this is probably the scariest chart you will see about the US Economy well-being, and possibly, right up to the time you’re old and gray…

World of Finance: What is Personal Finance? – This article provides an overview of what personal finance is and the specific components that it is made up of.

The College Investor: The Occupy Movement Is Still Going On? – A look at the true costs of the occupy movement, and why it needs to stop.

My Multiple Incomes: How To Boost Your Salary – Without Asking! – A simple trick to boost your salary by over 4% without even asking for it!

Money Cone: A Review of OptionHouse’s iPhone App – Despite a few quirks, I’m impressed with the App! This is by far the best trading App I’ve come across! The feature list is just right and not overwhelming. Though I don’t like the dark background, the screen doesn’t look too cluttered.

Living in Financial Excellence: Hidden Treasures – You think to yourself that you would take that diamond in the rough home in a heartbeat if there was just some kind of refinishing product that was easy to use, non-flammable, non-caustic and nearly odorless, and that worked really well. There is

Live Real, Now: Can Bad Credit Cost You Your Job? – Many companies feel that your credit report gives them a sneak peak at your true character. Having a good credit history indicates that you are a responsible person with excellent character. Having a bad credit history means that you are an unreliable person of poor character. True or not and fairly or not, this is the current belief running throughout company hiring departments

Free Money Wisdom: The Consumerist Treadmill – Material possessions are not a bad thing in and of themselves. They can be a huge blessing or they can be an enormous burden. You must ask yourself do you own them or do they own you?

Stock Trend Investing: Buy a Stock as Long-term Investment or Short-term Gamble – Here are two aspects of being a long-term investor. Have you covered both aspects to avoid that you are gambling with your savings in the stock market? Share here your long-term stock market investment strategy.

Smart on Money: Do You Save Your Pocket Change? For One Indiana Man, It Adds Up To a New Car Every 10-15 Years – What if you were always paying in cash, and every time you got change it went directly into your change jar? How much money would it add up to, and how much could you save in change alone?

Novel Investor: 7 Tax Tips You Should Not Overlook – Looking to speed up your refund, lower your taxes or just get your return in on time? Here’s a few tax tips to get you started.

Narrow Bridge Finance: What’s In Your Wallet? – I recently upgraded my wallet from a back pocket “Costanza” wallet to a front pocket, minimalist style wallet. Slimming down my wallet has been great for me, but it really made me think about what I needed to carry around and what was just taking up space.

Money Is the Root: Blog Goals and Updates 2012 #4 – I want to announce that I have also created another site with a fellow Yakezie, which will soon be announced. And I have bought another site, which is being finalized now, so that will be announced soon as well. That will bring my total blogs I own/co-own to 5. Life is going to be busy!

Smart Wealth: Our Frivolous Guilty Pleasures – Although I hate Starbucks’ regular coffee, I love their lattes and cappuccinos but every trip started costing upwards of $9 for two lattes. It took a while, but I’m happy to say that we only go to Starbucks every couple of weeks now. We picked up a very nice coffee maker and although it is not as good, it is good enough to save $9 or more per day.


New England Patriots Helmet

Prairie Eco Thrifter: How to Keep Your House Clean without Spending A Lot of Green – With many people looking for ways to cut costs, there are a number of things that you can do to keep your house clean for cheap.

The Frugal Toad: Customer Service – How to Get a Refund Without Losing Your Dignity – Ever notice how the Complaint Department in stores have been replaced by the Customer Service Department? There is a reason for that. Nobody likes a complainer and that includes the person behind the counter. To resolve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible follow these simple suggestions:

Beating Broke: I Quit My Job: Overcoming the Fear – One question I’ve been asked over and over when talking about quitting my job is how I overcame the fear of not being able to find a new job, or not being able to pay my bills. Obviously, both of those questions played a part in the decision. My answer might surprise some. I didn’t.

Cult Of Money: You owe $100,000 more on your house than you think – Affecting what you pay for your monthly mortgage, your appartment rent, and how you plan for retirement, this is something that needs to be planned for, but in most cases is not.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: Predicting the S&P 500 – January 2012 Edition – Options allows bets on size, direction, and time-frame. Stocks only allow direction… even if you care about the other two! What if you can use the prices of options contracts to predict the price of stocks at a certain date? Well you can, and I did… for SPY, a fund tracking the S&P 500.

American Debt Project: Soend Your Blogging Time Efficiently:Learning from the Pros – Not exactly personal finance, but my most popular article this week about how people from “Beginner” personal finance blogger to “Advanced” personal finance blogger.

Money Beagle: No Thanks, Magazine Subscription Company! – Note to people trying to sell me things: Don’t annoy me, then try to pitch a sale.

So You Think You Can Save: Save Money By Laundering Your Own Dress Shirts – I used to automatically take my shirts to the cleaners. Now, I keep them at home. It’s easy!

Investor Junkie: How to Choose an Online Broker – No online brokerage is going to be ideal for everyone, so you will need to prioritize the characteristics that are most important for you.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Health Update #4 – Crystal Light Challenge – I have been very, very bad. I am so sorry. I took a trip to L.A., my husband quit his day job and is now working from home, I am freaking out about everything, and my diet and exercising routine went to hell.

Money Talks Coaching: How to Win at Monopoly and Real Life – I’ve been playing too much Monopoly on the computer the last few days. At first I wasn’t very good at it, but then I started applying the good money principles I talk about here and I started winning. Here are some money lessons from Monopoly.

Cash Flow Mantra: Blogging Goals for 2012 – I haven’t spoken too much about specific blogging goals for this year in numerical terms despite having put together a few SMART goals at the beginning of the year and mentioning that I wanted to make $30,000 this year by blogging. In order to get that accomplished, though, I figure that I should have some targets as far as traffic and other types of measures.

Making Sense of Cents: How We’ve Cut Our Budget – There are many ways to cut your budget, and here’s how we cut out $15,308 per year or $1,276 per month.

Simply Investing: The Secret to Successful Investing Can Be Reduced to Two Simple Words – “The secret to successful investing can be reduced to two simple words: know value.” These famous words were uttered by Arnold Bernhard more than 25 years ago.

Poor Student: Cash Back Credit Cards – Most students are not taking advantage of rewards credit cards. My cash back just arrived on my statement and I have never made easier money.

My University Money: More Rewarding: Earning vs Saving – Us personal finance nerds seem to have an ongoing debate raging (ok, maybe a slightly aggressive term) concerning who is cooler, the guys/gals that save more, or the guys/gals that earn more. Clearly the coolest peeps are the ones that save as much as possible and instead of wasting valuable time partaking in a fairly mundane exchange of stale views, earn more than the rest of us as well.

Passive Family Income: What Is the Best Weight Loss Program for Me? – My family’s health is directly tied to our finances. If one of the members of our family gets sick – we go to the doctor and shell out a $30 medical copay. When one of my children needs some medication, we go to the pharmacy and pay our prescription copay. These are just the low cost examples of how our health is related to our finances.

Saving Advice: Frugality as a Challenge – Once I started turning frugality into a challenge, it became more fun and something that I really wanted to do. Beating my prior “scores” became fun.

Rambling Fever Money: Creating Income From a Dying Profession, The Stay-At-Home-Mom – “Stay-at-home-mom” has become an elusive title that more and more mothers can only dream of. See how my wife has been able to provide a steady income while staying home with our children.

The Dividend Ninja: Why Should I Invest In Bonds? Part-1 – These days, bonds are getting a bad name. Stock markets are off to a tremendous start in 2012, dividend stocks are outperforming, and not surprisingly investors are losing their confidence in government issued bonds. But everyone should have bonds in their portfolio…


Wes Welker and Tom Brady

Sustainable Personal Finance: How to Spot a Work from Home Scam – Before you sign up for a great work from home “opportunity,” consider these signs that it might be a work from home scam:

Bucksome Boomer: 4 Things that Used to Be Too Expensive – While visiting my mom during the holidays she shared a story about a winter road trip where she barely made it to her grandmother’s funeral. I questioned why she drove instead of flying. She replied “it was too expensive back then”. Her response really made me think. What do I take for granted in my daily life that was prohibitively expensive a short time ago? I came up with this list.

Good Cents Savings: Make the Most of Dining and Restaurant Coupons – Save on eating out by taking advantage of restaurant coupons. Tips that will help you actually use them rather then just having to toss them once they expire.

The Money Trail Blog: Teaching Your Kids about Money: Investing and Growing Your Money – Investing and growing money is an often overlooked area of financial literacy with kids. Find out ways to go beyond the standard savings account and get your child actively involved in investing and money growth.

Squirrelers: Is it Important to Buy Organic? – Buying organic is touted as being better for us. The question is: does buying organic always make sense, from a financial perspective? Are we getting value for our additional expenditures for organic items?

Family MoneyValues: How to Raise a Millionaire – Developing Your Child’s Entrepreneural Aptitude – Want to give your child a kick start on being an entrepreneur? Read how 12 financial bloggers from the Yakezie network would go about making their children millionaires.

Everything Finance Blog: Can You Live a Cash Only Life? – Yes, a credit card is helpful for many situations; but a necessity it is not. If you work on your budget, plan for the unexpected, and research alternatives to credit cards you can make it without having one.

Free From Broke : What is a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) and is it Worth It? – A refund anticipation loan (RAL) sounds like a great way to get your tax refund fast. But beware the fees that are tacked on. See what a refund anticipation loan is and some alternatives.

Parenting Family Money: 5 Kids Expenses to Budget For – Apart from College – There are other expenses for kids-not on the magnitude of college-that are also worthy of budgets all there own. Make sure you budget for these kids expenses!

Little House in the Valley: January Progress Monitoring – This year my goals were fairly simple; save money ($6,000 for the year), continue to grow my blog (375 readers daily), and ride my bike (1,000 miles this year). So how am I doing at day 31?

Money Green Life: I Don’t Need An Emergency Fund – I Have Credit! – I heard someone tell me that they don’t need an emergency fund because they have enough cash advance credit limit on their credit cards to use them as emergency funds. While the statement can be true, it is a response of a typical financially irresponsible person.

The Millionaire Nurse: Disability: Nothing to Quack About – You owe it to your family to make prudent plans to protect them in the event you are injured and can’t work. Read all about why you need disability insurance and what to look for in your coverage.

How To Save Money: Calling Retentions Can Really Slash Your Bills – The big secret here is that you don’t have to wait until you are unhappy with your service or you want to cancel before you call retentions! They are overcharging you now, so why wait?!

Thriftability: How to Save Money: 7 Success Tips – When you start paying attention to where your money goes, budgeting isn’t as hard as one might think. Whether you utilize computer software programs like Quicken, a Smart phone app, or even just a ledger pad and pencil, tracking your finances can lead to personal fulfillment each month, when you still have money left until the next payday.

PT Money: Improve Your Finances in 31 Days – A month-long series aimed to help readers make incremental changes in order to positively affect their finances.

Wealth Informatics: Stay at home or to work : What is the financial & professional price? – Stay at home or to work : This is not a post to convince anyone that they should stay at home or that they should be a working parent. Rather this post is a thinking process on what changes financially/professionally so that we can better prepare for it (as much as possible).

One Frugal Girl: Do You Save With a Specific Goal in Mind? – Do you save just to save or do you find it difficult to save if you don’t have a specific plan for the money?

Frugal Living: Money Saving Clubs: To Join or Not to Join? – “To join, or not to join?” That certainly is the question when it comes to saving money. Every company would have us believe that by applying for their credit card, joining their rewards program or becoming a member of their club we will save more than we ever dreamed possible. But while that idea may seem too good to be true, there is some truth to it: we may sometimes save money by jumping on the bandwagon. So the question you really need to ask yourself is this: is it worth it to me?

One Cent At A Time: Yodlee MoneyCenter review – Yodlee MoneyCenter gives you more ways to manage your personal finances and track your net worth than its competitors. In its newest avatar Yodlee became more manageable and user friendly.

Fiscal Phoenix: Do You Really Want a Typical Valentine’s Day? – Showing your love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be through the gifts that companies and marketers make you feel you have to buy. Instead of using your hard-earned money on consumables that will be gone in just a few days, choose a different activity that will help you create a memory.

Dollar Versity: Business During the Recession: How to Deal with Mistakes – Poor, or unforeseen decisions are bound to happen, even with big businesses. Unavoidable as they are, the important thing is how those mistakes are handled

Invest in the Markets: Holding Stocks during Earnings Annoucements – Holding stocks during earnings announcements has inherent risks… but that’s not to say you shouldn’t do it. We’ll examine some options for those who already hold, or are considering buying a stock, during earnings announcements.

See Debt Run: Good Buy, Baby! – Having a new baby is one of those times in life when people seem to spend money without even thinking about it (probably 2nd to only Weddings). This article offers a number of great tips for saving money when you have a new baby. Baby Food, Diapers and Diaper Bags, Clothes, and more are included.


Whew!  A huge list and some great reading!

Shout out to Wez Welker, my favorite of the players above!  He shows that if you work hard, continually improve, and believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Enjoy the Game!

Corey  (and Calvin – I’m the Wes Welker fan, lol)

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