Steadfast Finances60 Minutes on the Housing Crash & Foreclosure Fraud

60 Minutes on the Housing Crash & Foreclosure Fraud

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A few of us knew the double dip in real estate was a no brainer, but what I didn’t expect, and for some inexplicable reason no one from the financial establishments is facing criminal charges for, is the outright fraud in an attempt to cover up (e.g. paper over) their incompetence.

If you or I did this, like having someone else pose as us when buying a house but forge our name in our place, we’d almost certainly be facing criminal charges. But it would appear Too Big To Fail also implies To Big To Jail.

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Posted by CJ   @   4 April 2011 2 comments
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Apr 4, 2011
3:20 pm
#1 Evan :

I didn’t watch the video yet, but have you seen the new cover of Fortune? It is about how it is rebounding lol and the double dip didn’t/isn’t going to happen

May 16, 2011
6:09 pm
#2 ross :

where i live, home prices are up quite a bit and all of the distressed properties have been sold off. I only keep tabs on my local area, but i haven’t personally noticed a double dip. Maybe a slow down in recovery, but the area that i watch is doing much better.

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