Steadfast FinancesRising Sea Levels: Oceanfront Property to be 'Just' Ocean by 2100

Oceanfront Property to be ‘Just’ Ocean by 2100

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What could potentially be the most forward thinking, buy & hold real estate investment of the 21st century:

  • sell existing waterfront property (especially low sea level property).
  • buy real estate several miles inland.

Why? As you’ll see in the video:

Environmental scientists expect sea levels to rise 3 feet more in the next 80 to 90 years, which would reek havoc on shoreline countries across the globe. In the US, low sea level coastal areas like New York, Miami, New Orleans, the Carolinas [the entire Outer Banks area], parts of California [San Francisco], Norfolk — all of them could be in serious danger.

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

In other words, what isn’t beachfront property now, will almost certainly be beachfront property several decades from now without some terraforming, dike building and carbon reduction.

The saddest thing: you can almost see the cognitive dissonance in the Norfolk waterfront homeowner’s eyes as he literally says “you just don’t want to think about it; it’s really hard.

Ignore the politics. Ignore mainstream media. Go to a place like Norfolk or New Orleans and realize that it’s just a matter of time before Mother Nature puts this one in the win column.

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Posted by CJ   @   26 February 2011 4 comments
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Feb 26, 2011
5:54 pm
#1 Joel M :

Here’s what I see happening though, when the oceans rise 1 foot, they’ll put up dikes and dams and whatever other barricades they need to in order to keep the water out. when it rises another foot, they’ll raise them walls … whatever it takes to keep things as they are … I don’t see significant change in the future.

Feb 26, 2011
7:44 pm
#2 Matt SF :

I see that happening as well… save the cities no matter the cost. Unfortunately, I’m not bullish on the idea because Mother Nature has a tendency of winning the war by attrition.

The irony, though, is the money spent will probably be the best example of “sunken costs” in human history. (sarcasm)

Feb 28, 2011
10:36 pm
#3 Dan B :

For reasons that I can’t begin to fathom, my grandparents bought some land dirt cheap outside of Riverside CA in the late 70’s & my family still own it. Since I don’t have any kids to pass it on to, should I plan on cryogenically freezing myself for a couple of hundred years before cashing in when this scenario plays out??

Mar 1, 2011
3:05 pm
#4 Matt SF :

Freezing might be a way to go. But in 30-50 years, uploading your consciousness into the Internet ether might be the more economical way to go.

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