Steadfast Finances2010 Remembered as the Year of (Hyper)Inflation

2010 Remembered as the Year of (Hyper)Inflation?

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2010 will likely be remembered as a year of the melt up recovery and as a return to all things financially sanguine, but for commodity traders and chartists who keep watchful eyes on the commodities market, 2010 could arguably be considered a year where inflation (perhaps even hyperinflation) took home the blue ribbon.

The only winners, from a consumer-centric food inflation viewpoint, is if you’re a chocolate lover or heat your home with natural gas. For most everything else, you’ll be paying a little extra for the basics since modus operandi #1 is to “pass on” rising commodities costs to consumers.

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Posted by CJ   @   3 January 2011 1 comments
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Jan 3, 2011
11:48 am
#1 Matt SF :

Thanks Shaun. The graphic is not my creation, and can be found at So you can re-use this picture if it meets your needs, or can modify the time periods at FinViz’s website to meet whatever goals you might have.

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