Steadfast FinancesKeeling Curve: Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Emission Levels

Chartology: Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Emission Levels

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The Keeling Curve, named after Dr. Charles David Keeling, is probably one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century. In short, it measures the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and altered modern science’s view of our synergisgic relationship with that of Planet Earth.

Ironically, Dr. Keeling was a Republican:

“He was a registered Republican,” she said. “He just didn’t think of it as a political issue at all.” — Louis Keeling, widow of Dr. Charles Keeling.

Sad, that petty politics and well entrenched business interests get in the way of straightforward science.

Image Credit & Source
New York Times
Justin Gillis
A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning

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