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CNBC: Investing Out, Bullish ‘Parabolic’ Moves In

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While CNBC is a valued resource to many, including myself, many long time viewers I’ve spoken with are troubled by it’s continued evolution into a sponsor (too) friendly, investment product marketing machine where trading — not investing — is the new marching meme.

Case in point: Josh Brown’s, aka The Reformed Broker, appearance today.

Brown: Investors, which is really the key here, have no reason to be anticipating copper ETFs if they’re going to play a recovery. There are better ways to do it via equities. Copper is a very volatile [commodity]. I just don’t see any reason for an individual investor to be speculating in a commodity ETF that has no cash flow.

Anchor: [to an alternatively thinking guest] I like the sound of parabolic… tell me how to play that.

Perhaps I’m just growing old and crotchety, but when your primary goal shifts from making investors (key word) money to promoting high volatility trading (and the juicy commissions and ETF management fees that come with it) you’re likely killing off your main demographic. CNBC’s dwindling Nielsen ratings could confirm this, albeit for any number of differing reasons depending upon whom you ask.

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