Steadfast FinancesThe Feedback Loop of Real Estate, Poverty, Crime, Education & Taxes

The Feedback Loop of Real Estate, Poverty, Crime, Education & Taxes

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Excellent illustration displaying the interwoven connection, or feedback loop, of real estate to poverty rates, crime, education, property taxes and home values by Jessica Hagy of

I’m a major believer in the idea that visual illustrations, and even on-demand web based video, can be significantly more powerful than text based content because it:

  1. transports the viewer to the original event, making him/her part of the learning experience without textual interference (e.g. originality).
  2. succinctly displays visual representations that can’t be, or might be poorly expressed in a text-only format.
  3. grabs the viewers attention right away, encouraging viewers to think about the information at hand. Possibly, increasingly the likelihood the viewer will share the content with their friends, family, followers, etc.

Much like the phrase I would have to see it, to believe it, you will likely have a greater tendency to remember it as well.

If graphics like these are right up your alley, checkout the Infographics & Chartology section for more.

Image Source & Credit
Jessica Hagy (FYI: one of my favorite blogs)
Why Zip Codes Have Connotations

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