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P2P Lending Going Mainstream?

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This might be the best news segment on Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending I’ve seen from main stream media thus far.

Even though P2P Lending has been a profitable alternative investment for me (e.g. 15% returns in my Lending Club portfolio), it’s tough to forget that there are real life people on the other end of the transaction. Something that you rarely get buying 100 shares of Exxon Mobil or your biweekly contributions to a low cost index fund.

Quarterly Lending Club Investment Portfolio Updates

December 2010 Update: Currently earning 15.6% NAR on Lending Club investment portfolio.

September 2010 Update: Currently earning 15% ROI on my Lending Club investment portfolio.

June 2010 Update: Currently earning 14.2% ROI on my Lending Club investment portfolio.

March 2010 Update: Currently earning 13.6% ROI on my Lending Club investment portfolio.

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