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Meltup: The 20% Educated Public Solution

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For anyone who thought it was a good idea to pile on more debt to our existing national debt

The U.S.would need to see the creation of 700 companies like Apple (who generated $2.28 Billion in tax revenue in 2009) in the next year just to generate enough tax revenue to balance our projected 2010 budget deficit. This is impossible.

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I don’t agree with 100% of everything stated in this documentary, and it gets a little preachy in the end, but Meltup is by far one of the best documentaries around that states many of the statistics, in layman’s terms, that rarely get’s mentioned in mainstream media when it comes to U.S. fiscal policy and how it affects the U.S. Dollar.

I hate documentaries that have conspiratorial undertones, and critics will argue Meltup has more than a few of them, but I strongly agree that if the Average Mary and Joe knew how things like inflation was really calculated (without food or fuel inflation) or got a 60 second tutorial on the trillions of national debt plus trillions on future liabilities versus the national debt “light” calculation that we currently use, we might be a little more intelligent at the voting booths come election time.

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May 22, 2010
11:57 am

Any possibility of doing a 3-5 bullet point summary? :) That’s a long documentary!

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