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Classic Example of Addiction Psychology

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This is a little off topic, but in this 60 Minutes piece on smokeless tobacco (trade name Snus), you will find one of the best examples of self-rationalization (or self-delusion) by an addict I’ve seen in some time.


  • Smokes first thing in the morning.
  • Uses a snus while jogging to the gym. (Uncouth much?)
  • Uses a snus while at the gym. (Quote: Makes me feel really good and in shape.)
  • Believes it’s more healthy (e.g. less harmful) than regular smoking.
  • Justifies his behavior by admitting he’s an addict, but so are a lot of other people.

Sad. His entire life revolves around his habit.

Basically, the guy is a tobacco company’s dream user. Not only is he a dual user of both cigarettes and snus, but he’s actually using more product during his waking hours because one product is more socially acceptable (less noticeable and no second hand smoke). Worse yet, he actually believes he’s doing himself a favor.

Almost reminds me of a habitual credit card user who carries a balance on their cashback or frequent flier credit card. They know it’s bad for them to do it, but at least it’s not as bad had they gone with a generic non-rewards credit card.

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Posted by CJ   @   4 April 2010 1 comments
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Apr 6, 2010
4:38 am
#1 Guzzo :

I know that you will find this be hard to believe, but I’m really opinionated on the subject. ;-)

I REALLY can’t stand smokers. I also have absolutely no empathy for them when they’re admitted to the hospital because of the consequences of smoking.

Why so harsh? EVERY smoker is aware that cigarette smoking is dangerous to their health BEFORE they started smoking, but yet they still chose to smoke. IMO, it’s an educated choice that they made, and they bear the full responsibility for the consequences.

The thing that bothers me the most about smokers though, is second-hand smoke. Smokers have been making my life miserable with their disgusting habit for a good portion of my life, and I harbor some resentment for that. I’ve probably sucked-in more second hand smoke than smokers inhaled themselves.

So, in this 60-minutes case, I’m actually happy that this addict is self-delusional and uses snus. If people are stupid enough to use it, let it be their problem instead of every one else’s around them. There’s no second-hand smoke to invade my space and give ME cancer.

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