Steadfast FinancesFootball Party Food Ideas for College Bowl Week

Football Party Food Ideas for College Bowl Week

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By now, everyone knows I’m something of a wannabe chef. Being that I have so many college football fanatics in my group of friends, it’s not uncommon for me to host a few parties for big football games (Super Bowl, BCS National Championship game, or other Virginia Tech football events).

So I thought I would share a few economical football party food ideas for readers who might want to save money by hosting their own get-together, but might not have the confidence or know-how to pull it off without ordering out. (Alternatively, you could just mooch off of the one good cook you know — like my friends do!).

So here is what’s on the menu for Bowl Week at the Steadfast household…

Mango Salsa

One of the best things about working in Puerto Rico (as I used to) was the fresh mangos.  So I love any recipe that incorporates a fresh mango, as well as giving me an excuse to use up the fresh cilantro that I grow in my container garden.

You can make your own salsa chips if you choose, or you can go with the regular chips from a bag. Either way, this recipe is way better than that yucky tomato based stuff you buy from a can.

Buffalo/Chicken Wings

Nothing is more traditional for a big football game get-together like chicken wings and beer, so it would be a shame to not include them in a post celebrating the last few games of the College Football season.

I included this recipe because Chef John’s method of cooking the wings does not involve deep frying them and smothering them in butter. Instead, he cooks them in the oven at high heat, which is far more healthy. If you want a more crispy crust, stick them under the broiler once they’ve been fully cooked.

You don’t have to use the pastrami recipe if that’s not your thing (it’s excellent by the way!), but can go old school and smother the wings in a store bought buffalo wing sauce. I prefer a sauce like Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce. If you season them properly, you won’t even miss the butter.

To put my own unique twist on it, I’m making turkey buffalo wings instead of the standard chicken wings because they were on sale earlier in the week. Plus, they’re more meaty than the ordinary chicken wing.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spinach artichoke dip is probably my favorite dip of all time. Probably because my brain thinks it’s healthy because of the spinach and artichokes, and selectively represses the fact that I load it up with a ton of fatty cheese.

I use a different blend of cheeses than the Harvest Eating site uses in this video, but being cheese lover, I like a more exotic blend:

  • Cheddar Cheese – for the bite.
  • Monterrey Jack Cheese – for the melty and gooey look.
  • Asiago Cheese – used very sparingly for that “what is that?” taste.

Goes well with regular salsa chips, but I love it on lightly buttered garlic toast.

Gino’s East Deep Dish Chicago Pizza

For full disclosure, I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I will be making two of them for the Alabama vs. Texas National Championship Game.

Gino’s East is a personal favorite of mine, and every time I go to Chicago, I must must must go to Gino’s East. It’s a personal tradition, and if you haven’t been or your New York Pizza pride won’t let you try it… you’re really missing out!

There are ways to order these types of pizzas via overnight delivery, but I would need a pretty big craving to shell out $50 for such a luxury.

Generation X Finance’s Award Winning Steak Chili Recipe

I’ve made Jeremy’s steak chili recipe twice thus far, and I got to tell ya… it might be the best chili I’ve tried!

The flavor mix of the earthy taste from the cumin/coriander combination with the smokiness from the liquid smoke sets it apart from most other chili recipes I’ve made.  Plus, I’ve always used ground beef or ground turkey instead of chopping up my own steak, so I’m curious if the extra fat from the ground meats was weighing down the flavor profile.

If you’re a chili lover (like me), I suggest you print out Jeremy’s steak chili recipe and file it away say you can pass it over to your grand kids years from now. It’s honestly that good.

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Jan 1, 2010
2:14 pm

Yup, good stuff man. I will try the artichoke dip and Gen’x chillay.

This post reminds me of our alabama / florida bet. ROLL TIDE!
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Everything Is Rational – The Answer To All Things Irrational =-.

Jan 2, 2010
12:08 pm
#2 Matt SF :

Got to try Jeremy’s chili… good stuff!

Jan 2, 2010
9:43 am
#3 Jeremy :

Thanks for the praise regarding my chili! It’s a lot of fun to make and it’s quite a crowd pleaser. I haven’t made it in a few months but now that I’m thinking about it I’m starving.
.-= Jeremy´s last blog ..Five Foolproof Financial Strategies That Will Ensure You a Better 2010 =-.

Jan 2, 2010
12:11 pm
#4 Matt SF :

I’m making batch #3 today. It’s a bone chilling 15 degrees here today, so a few extra shakes of the cayenne pepper shaker might be required.

Thanks again for the killer recipe!

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