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2000 to 2009 Was the Second Worst Performing Decade for the Dow

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I knew the aughts decade, the bubble decade, the lost decade, or whatever you choose to call it was a bad time for stock market performance, but I really didn’t think it was this bad.

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Pretty depressing stuff when you consider that we started the decade with such optimism, that so much money was made (later lost) on bubbles, and the Greater Fool Theory made an appearance far too many times to make (or screw people out of) a buck.

Maybe I should stop calling it The Lost Decade (my personal favorite) and switch to The Greater Fool Decade.

On a more positive note, if history is any indicator (and it usually is a good one) the next ten to twenty year time periods are times of great prosperity. It’s also further supporting evidence the stock market moves in long term supercycles.

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Posted by CJ   @   31 December 2009 2 comments
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