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Some Tech Bubble Stocks Finally Breaking Even after a 10 Year Wait

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This week, released a great earnings report that propelled the most well known “internet stock” to a new all time high. As a person who experienced the internet stock bubble firsthand, Amazon’s stock popping 25 points in a single day gave me a little feeling of nostalgia considering that I haven’t seen an (American) internet stock perform that well in many years.

Nevertheless, die hard buy and hold investors must be ecstatic. If you had bought Amazon at the top of the tech stock bubble, it’s taken a long time — a decade in fact — for investors to finally turn a profit.

So in recognition of Amazon’s performance, I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane with a few high flying tech stocks to see just how well they’ve performed over the last decade. Of course, from an investor standpoint, it’s important to realize just how long it would have taken to actually make your money back by buying at the top of the bubble, as well as the importance of knowing how to spot a bubble once it has formed.

JDS Uniphase

Everyone loved JDSU in the late 90s. From the commentators on CNBC to my cohort of college investor buddies who would always offer to spring for a second round of drinks just because JDSU went up another 30 points from the previous weekend. Then, once the bubble popped, everyone dropped poor ol’ JDSU faster than a … well, you get the idea.

If ever there existed a chart to epitomize just how severe the tech bubble really was, JDSU might take the prize. (I’m sure anyone who thought was a long term buy and hold would disagree.)

JDS Uniphase 10 year stock performance (tech stock bubble)


The aforementioned finally broke through it’s 1999 high to reach a new all time high.

Guess that half cocked idea of selling books (or powertools, or lawn mowers, or darn near anything else) via the internet wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Probably makes Jeff Bezos feel pretty good about himself considering lots of “experts” called him a wacko back in the day. 10 year stock performance (tech stock bubble)


Big blue is called “Big Blue” for a reason. It’s one of Wall Street’s most well respected companies, which didn’t experience nearly the sell off that most tech companies experienced. It hasn’t quite made it back to its tech bubble all time highs, but it has paid a steady dividend along the way which sets it apart from almost all the other tech companies.

IBM 10 year performance (tech stock bubble)

Cisco Systems

Even the company that supposedly allows the internet to be the internet hasn’t regained it’s former glory. Even with the post stock market crash rally, Cisco is still down 75% from it’s all time highs.

Cisco Systems 10 year stock performance (tech stock bubble)


The Apple that we see in 2009 isn’t the Apple that existed in 1999. Steve Jobs wasn’t in the picture, no one but Napster had made any significant headway on the MP3 front, and Wall Street really didn’t care all that much about Apple because everyone thought that Microsoft would take over the world.

However, I included Apple in this simple case study to show how well a stock can perform — regardless of stock market crashes and investment bubbles — when Wall Street believes a true growth story exists.

Apple 10 year stock performance (tech stock bubble)

If you know of another high flying tech stock from the late 1990s that has made a new all time high in the 2009 rally, be sure to leave a quick comment below. Locating one will probably be more difficult than you think!

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Posted by CJ   @   24 October 2009 13 comments
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Oct 26, 2009
3:18 am

Ahhh, this brings back nostalgia. I was working in downtown Manhattan enjoying the ride of the internet/tech bubble.

I remember when Cisco was a $500 billion company, and everybody said it was going to be the first $1 trillion market cap company! Ha!

I remember WorldCom and all the B2B hype. Yahoo going up $20-50/day… now that was the time to have money to whip it around!



Oct 26, 2009
9:49 am
#2 Matt SF :

Did the same for me… Bigtime!

Seeing Amazon spike 25 points in one day reminded me of days where stocks like Sears would spike 10% just because it created

Oh, the days of irrational exuberance. (sighs)

Oct 26, 2009
9:55 am

Hey Matt – I think we’re there again! Dow 20,000 by end of the year here we come! :)

BTW, know anybody who’s looking to go to business school? We just launched the last in the series of MBA posts for the month, and have a $1,000 giveaway!


Oct 26, 2009
10:06 am
#4 Matt SF :

Actually, I don’t. But, I honestly haven’t been paying all that much attention either. I’ll keep a lookout for ya.

Feb 25, 2012
1:44 pm
#5 Terry Friley :

I used to be a good amazon platinum eagle strength seller, while i grew to become dangling my entire life became authentic dread. The cash totally concluded.

Mar 17, 2012
3:52 am

I think facebook will be much more important than any other social media site in the future.

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