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Best Reads of the Week – the We’re Up 50 Percent From the Lows Edition.

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Just six short months ago, some were questioning if capitalism had failed us all.  I knew at least a dozen panicked investors who were selling nearly all of their investments — at or near the bottom — fearing the stock market would continue to sink faster than a gangster with cement shoes.

Now that the market has rallied 50 percent from the March 6th lows and we’ve heard dozens of political assurances from our fearless leaders, it seems that everyone wants to buy back in.

But don’t take my word for it… have a look for yourself. (see chart)

S&P 500 - Up 50 percent from the March 6 lows

That’s a little over a 50% rise from the lows. This blog isn’t about making stock market predictions, but you would have to agree that a 50% rally from the lows seems a little suspicious.  Right?

My favorite reads of the week

Lending Club – My Review of Social Lending from Debt Free Adventure. Excellent review from MattJabs. Wish I had known he was getting a loan or I would have contributed.

AIG turns its first profit since 2007 from the New York Times. Writing insurance policies is a profitable business when done correctly.

What Growth is the S&P Pricing In? from Global Economic Analysis.  Great quote and summary from Mish: the stock market is priced for perfection while the odds of perfection are close to zero.

Top 5 Economy Based Board Games that Make You Think from WiseBread.  While I love monopoly, I have to concur that we Americans play far too many games that rely on chance and have too few that rely on strategy. Probably why I always liked to play chess as a kid.

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