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Weekend Reads & Colbert’s Pitchfork Warning to AIG

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It would seem that most Americans want to do the “lynch mob and gallows” thing when it comes to AIG executives receiving million dollar bonuses.

Stephen Colbert (see video below) makes an interesting point that perhaps a good old fashioned lynch mob showing up at AIG headquarters with “torches and pitchforks” might be one of the last remaining ways to actually get Corporate America’s attention.

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Stephen’s Angry Mob Will Crush AIG
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I’m not condoning violence — far from it — but there comes a point once you reach an impasse when you have to put up or shut up.

For those that fell asleep in American History class, it might be interesting to remind you that our nation’s history isn’t one that you can call… sedate.  We tend to get a bit unruly when we feel we’ve been slighted, and we tend to express our displeasure in a physical way.

Then again, now that we’ve got TV, iPhones, and the Internet to keep us calm (e.g. distract us), our apathy and general lack of motivation will probably keep most of us from actually doing anything like that.

Or will they?

Favorite Reads from the PF Blogosphere

Some unnerving thoughts on the (potential) civil unrest regarding AIG.  The commentary is getting more hardcore, and as I say, it only takes a spark.

More consumers, around 50%, are just two paychecks away from financial ruin.  One of the quickest ways to get yourself in serious financial trouble is to: 1) leverage away too much of your paycheck and 2) not have adequate savings.

Jim from Bargaineering and J.D. from Get Rich Slowly are co-hosting a personal finance radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  These guys are some of the best around, so it might be worth your while to tune in.

MoneyNing discusses his anticipation anxiety before getting his first DIY haircut from his wife.  Simple idea, but well written and very funny.

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