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Vanguard Starts a New Investing Blog

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Vanguard, one of the leading firms in the investment management business, has finally ventured into the blogosphere.

Vanguard is very well known for their pioneering work in passive investing among the personal finance and investing community for their low cost index funds.  However, if you mention their name to someone who doesn’t follow the market or read at least one personal finance publication, it’s likely they’ve never heard of them.

I’ve always felt they’ve been too passive by not actively marketing their services beyond the personal finance/investing community.  Then again, it could be one of the prime reasons why their index fund management fees are so low compared to their competitors.

So I’m glad to see Vanguard is moving into the less formal world of blogging and can get a little more exposure.

Here are a few articles from the new Vanguard blog I found interesting:

  1. The 1930s all over again? Back then, the systemic risk was caused by the reverberations from an economic slump—panicked depositors demanding their cash back from banks. Today’s systemic risk arose from a willingness of the financial system to encourage debt and overlook credit quality.
  2. Thrift is the new blackFor these [Vanguard investors] investors, thrift has never gone out of style. They’ve amassed sizable nest eggs by living beneath their means and steadily saving a good slice of their incomes, month after month, in diversified portfolios.
  3. The trouble with bubblesAs long as these fundamental processes are at work, bubbles will be with us. The trouble with bubbles? Why, the trouble is us.

Vanguad’s blog only has a few articles considering it’s a new blog and the writers have clients to service, but it might be worth checking out on a regular basis for anyone wanting to tap their brainstorming sessions without calling their investment services department.

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