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A How To Video for Watching Netflix On Demand Movies

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Finally!  Someone has made an online tutorial video to show the technophobes just how easy it is to use Netflix’s new On Demand Video service.

I fully admit that I’m slowly losing touch with the tech world, so when I see videos like this one from David Pogue (NY Times technology reporter and CNBC contributor), I get a little charged up and want to headout for a shopping trip to Best Buy.

The video below handles most of the technical and user interface type questions, so any anxiety you may have about subscribing to Netflix and routing the online streaming video into your home entertainment system should be alleviated.

Of course, if you already have a $8.99 per month subscription to Netflix, where you get your DVD/Blu-ray movies via snail mail, all you need to do is checkout the Netflix website and push a few buttons (like the babysitter in the video shows).

With a few clicks of the mouse, and a few reconfigurations of your TIVO or Xbox 360, you should be ready to go.  At most, you might have to reroute a cable or two, but Xbox 360 gamers who play other online gamers via the internet are probably good to go.  Of course, you have to have a TIVO, Xbox 360, or other hardware devices to use the service.

Making it Easier to Cut Cable and Premium Channels?

I caught this video on CNBC today where some video and commentary was not included the in the above video.

To my surprise, Pogue actually took a position similar to mine saying that premium services like HBO, Showtime, and other Pay Per View cable services might be in serious trouble in the near future because no one will want to pay an extra $10/month for HBO just to get their highly restrictive movie lineup.  Their content has made a huge decline in recent years (my opinion only), so it will not be surprising if the see a nosedive in subscribers in upcoming years once Netflix becomes more mainstream.

Especially when you can get a much wider selection of videos from Netflix On Demand, and have your movies show up in your mailbox a day or two later.  As we all know, convenience is king but almost everyone is looking to cut the fat from their budget this year.

So how about it?  Anyone willing to make the switch from cable to Netflix?  I’d like to hear from you.

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Posted by CJ   @   29 January 2009 2 comments
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Jan 30, 2009
9:46 am
#1 andy :

Yeah, I absolutely agree. I’m a big fan of Netflix and like the ability to decide what content I’m going to watch. Cable could help itself if it would allow customers to pick and choose the channels they “subscribe” to.

There are still some issues yet :
— Netflix streaming doesn’t have a great selection. I assume that will change over time but it might come at an additional price.
— I’m still tied to my cable company because I need internet and there aren’t many options. I just get the basic cable channels and skip the premium channels.

Jan 30, 2009
10:33 am
#2 Matt :

@ Andy,

One of these days cable companies will realize a la carte channel selection was in their best interest. Problem is, I think the day to offer it might have already passed them by and customers have pieced together their own solutions.

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