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California Student Selling Her Virginity to Pay for College.

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I know times are tough, but I never thought I would ever hear of a young woman purposely selling her virginity to the highest bidder. Apparently, a 22 year old Sacramento State college graduate going by the stage name of Natalie Dylan will place her virginity up for auction at the infamous Nevada Bunny Ranch.  Her goal is to earn enough money so she does not have to work while she attends graduate school – in Marriage and Family Counseling no less.

She discloses her reasons for pursuing this “venture” in the CNN video below.


Right or Wrong?

I’m not going to take a definitive right or wrong stance on this issue because it’s fairly obvious where most of society will make their stand.  It’s a free country, so it’s her choice and let her live with the after effects.

I can understand her dilemma because I was also a broke college student, but like many others before and after me, we (men and women alike) found ways of making it happen.

I’m just curious if she tried to find alternative means of financing, or if she is just going for the quick payday for one night’s work.  It certainly won’t be difficult to find a sketchy pervert with a weird fetish and a fat wallet in this country.

How to pay for college when you’re broke?

  1. Get a minimum wage job.  Sure, flipping burgers for minimum wage sucks, but it’s honest work.  The jobs really don’t have to be that bad if you put some thought into finding one.  A job shelving books at the library or restocking T-shirts at the bookstore is not the end of the world.
  2. Get a job that parallels your career path.  I was a biochemistry student, and there were always job openings working in laboratories cleaning test tubes or feeding mosquitoes their weekly blood meals (yes, I did this for $7.50/hour).  The pay was good, all the professors knew me on a first name basis (hard to do at a 25,000+ student university), and the sheer volume of referrals I received were far more benefitical than the paycheck.
  3. Take a student loan.  Probably the most common solution for any college student who can’t afford to pay their own way through college.
  4. Ask for help from family members.  It sucks having to beg for money, but if your parents did not save for college through a 529 plan or don’t have the liquidity (i.e. savings) to help you out, perhaps there are other family members who can.
  5. Delay college and save up.  It’s becoming more of a rarity, but I do know a few people who successfully obtained a degree by working several years before attending college.
  6. Join the military or ROTC program.  It’s definitely not the most popular choice considering you could be shipped off to some foreign land to fight terrorism, but Uncle Sam has a big budget and he’s willing to help you pay for college if you’re willing to exchange you’re time and service.
  7. Apply for scholarships and grants.  Fairly obvious choice, but there are thousands of different scholarships out there if you’re willing to take the time to search for one.

Bottom line, if you’re a college student facing a similar situation there are always alternatives to settling for the most extreme measures.  Of course, this takes some planning and using your brain.

In Natalie Dylan’s case, it would seem she has chosen to use different anatomical parts to resolve her problem, but one thing is for certain – it takes some serious moxie to pursue this decision after the publicity she has received.

On the flipside, you just know some Geraldo Rivera like journalist will be waiting outside after the “big night” is over asking for interviews, or dare I say, a play-by-play.

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see the fall out regarding her choice.  If she speaks positively about the event, will this type of venture become more commonplace?  Could the Bunny Ranch have just found a new business niche and set up a drive through lane to meet demand?

Only time will tell.

Questions / Comments / Concerns ?

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Posted by CJ   @   21 September 2008 2 comments
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Sep 23, 2008
10:14 pm

Well, I guess you’ve got to know what your “assets” are, eh?

I certainly disagree that it “empowers women”. Hard to believe they aren’t calling a spade a spade here…

Sep 23, 2008
11:14 pm
#2 Matt :

@ Mr. CC

I hear you. It certainly boggles the mind why she would call it an empowering act, but as she said “we live in a capitalist society and I’m taking advantage of that”.

Investment banks experiencing lower numbers of 529 participants should show this to prospective clients saying something like… invest for your child’s education or have them sell their virginity over the internet. Said sarcastically of course.

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