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29 December 2015

How to Protect Against Money Scams

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Despite the march of online banking and the virtualization of many common financial arms, money scams are alive and well. Particularly vulnerable people are seniors. We’re going to show you some smart ways to stop yourself from becoming the victim of money scams. Prevention is the best defense through developing good habits. Be Aware Strangers [...]

25 September 2015

Credit Score Quick Fixes Are False

Your credit score is important; it is one of the main bases on which a mortgage provider will decide on whether to approve a mortgage application. It can even be a deciding factor when it comes to your succeeding with a job application. The score is effectively a mathematical representation of entries on your credit history; defaults as well as payments on time. Quite naturally if your score is low, often as a result of what has happened during the recession, you are likely to be attracted by claims that you can take a quick route to repairing your history, and hence your score, with their help.

26 June 2015

Thinking of trading online? Choose the best company for you!

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Stock trading is a popular source of income among people, and indeed it is the primary source of income for many. In the past investors would go to brokerage houses in order to trade shares. However, stock trading has reached the next level ever since it met the internet. Investors can now buy, sell and trade shares – all from the comfort of their homes. Stock brokers who were necessary in order to complete transactions in the traditional way are no longer required. What is required for online trading, however, is an online stock trading company.

14 May 2015

Frugal Ways To Eat Healthy

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Most people believe you have to be a rich bank account to achieve a healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to eating healthy. Fear no more because there are ways to eat consciously when it comes to your health. There are savings that you can benefit from by using coupons from Groupon Coupons. You only have to print coupons from Groupon Coupon’s website or download the Groupon Mobile App to your smartphone to search and use over thousands of coupons.

1 April 2015

Why Index Funds are Bad Investments

The entire personal finance blogosphere is in love with index funds, and I’m here to tell you why they’re bad for your investment portfolio. This should go over well.  Black sheep anyone? I realize this thesis will not be a popular one, but from my perspective as an active investor and stock picker, I’m here [...]

30 March 2015

Discussing Retirement with Parents: Is a Comfortable Retirement No Longer an Option?

Yesterday, I had one of the most unpleasant conversations I’ve ever had on the subject of money. I had to tell a close friend of my family that, in all likelihood, he has not saved enough money for his retirement. This is a man I’ve known since I was a kid.  The same man who [...]

12 March 2015

Visualizing How the Things You Own, End Up Owning You

Due to the popularity of the visualizing how your stuff owns you post from several weeks ago, I thought it would be beneficial if I documented exactly how I use a simple monthly calendar and a few personal finance metrics to visually represent how many hours, days, even weeks, I had to work in order [...]

9 February 2015

The Law of Diminishing Returns and Why it Doesn’t Pay to Obsess

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I have a confession to make; I like to obsess about things. Whether it is collecting, making money or hobbies like blogging; I tend to take things to the extreme. According to economics, obsession does not pay good returns.

6 November 2014

The Truth about PayDay Loans

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If you’ve ever been low on cash with creditors knocking at the door, you’ve more than likely considered using a payday loan company. The idea is appealing, you simply hand over a post-dated check for the amount of money you need and presto, you have cash in your hands. Unfortunately, these loans seldom work out the way you think they will and before you know it you could wind up thousands of dollars in debt. Before you hand over that blank check to payday loan companies, here are a few reasons that you may want to reconsider your decision:

19 August 2014

If I have a Pre-Existing Condition is it Covered by my Health Insurance?

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If you already have a health condition you will want to know that your medical care will be covered by your health insurance. You don’t want to have pay out large amounts of money if you’re not covered.

13 September 2013

Has The Stock Market Gone Parabolic?

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As an experienced investor, I’m starting to get nervous about the direction of the stock market! You see, to my non-professional albeit experienced eyes, the market is starting to look a bit parabolic in nature. This is worrisome for me, although I still sleep fine at night. At least it’s taking a breather lately by [...]

28 March 2013

Making Plans for Retirement

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If you are planning to retire within the next few years, it is important that you make plans for your retirement. Having a set plan ahead of time will help you out in the long run, especially because if you do not have many saved and things prepared, you may end up struggling to keep up with the cost of living upon retiring from the workforce. There are many ways for you to begin planning for your retirement, and remember that the sooner you start to save money, the more money you will have in the future when you need it the most.

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